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The Secret Advantage of Adding TaxJar to your Xero Account

by Mark Faggiano

Xero TaxJar Add-On

We recently announced that TaxJar’s integration with Xero accounting. We’re thrilled that we now work so seamlessly with this accounting app used by so many ambitious business owners.

With the TaxJar add-on, Xero users can:

  • See how much of their income was actually sales tax, making for accurate reporting and a quick snapshot of your business’s bottom line
  • See a fully-integrated chart of accounts for each account where you have sales tax liability
  • Automatically see “bills due” to each state where you owe a sales tax return
  • Prepare sales tax reports that the states want to see – all from within Xero

The TaxJar add-on for Xero is perfect for any eCommerce seller who wants his or her finger on the pulse of her small business book.

What’s the Secret?
But did you know that the Xero/TaxJar integration is also ideal for the eCommerce business with big plans?

We talk to a lot of eCommerce sellers, and while some are happy with a fun, lucrative lifestyle business, others have big plans for world domination. This is where that “little known” part of the Xero/TaxJar integration comes in.

With Xero accounting, when your eCommerce business gets too big, you can quickly and easily transfer control of your business’s books to one of Xero’s many qualified Accounting Advisors.

As your business grows, you’ll become busier sourcing products, cutting deals with suppliers, and managing your employees. If you decide it’s time to turn your bookkeeping and accounting over to a professional, most of the work will be done for you.

Xero allows financial pros to assume control of an account. And the TaxJar Xero add-on means it’s easier than ever for them to manage not only your ledgers and taxes, but also your monthly, quarterly and annual sales tax reports.

Here’s what Xero Accounting Advisor Scott Scharf of Catching Clouds had to say:

“TaxJar is the core solution we use to collect all the sales transactions so we can provide our Ecommerce Sales Tax Service….

TaxJar is a dynamic, cloud services company that not only has great support but is making weekly enhancements based on their clear vision of where they are going and customer (including their accounting partners’) feedback.

We couldn’t deliver the service we offer now without this solution and we look forward to the feature enhancements over the coming weeks and months.”

We’re thrilled to be able to provide this seamless service for our customers with fast-growing eCommerce empires.  For more, check out our Sales Tax 101 for Online Sellers Guide.

What accounting program or method do you use alongside TaxJar? Leave a comment become to start the conversation!

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