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TaxJar WooCommerce

WooCommerce Services: Automated Tax Calculations Powered by TaxJar

by Jake Johnson

I’m excited to announce that TaxJar now powers the automated tax feature in WooCommerce via WooCommerce Services and Jetpack! If you’re just getting started with WooCommerce, you can enable accurate sales tax calculations at checkout during the setup process:

WooCommerce Setup Extras: Automated Taxes

For merchants already using WooCommerce, simply install the WooCommerce Services plugin. If you haven’t already, connect your Jetpack account to WordPress:

WooCommerce Connect to Jetpack

After connecting, go to WooCommerce > Settings in your admin panel. Click on the Tax tab to enable automated taxes:

WooCommerce Services: Automated Taxes

That’s it. Once the changes are saved, your store will collect sales tax at checkout based on your store address under the General settings tab.

For now this service is provided for merchants with nexus in a single location, so if you have nexus in multiple locations consider signing up for a TaxJar account and installing our official WooCommerce plugin. We also provide automated sales tax reporting and filing by importing your orders from WooCommerce into TaxJar every night.

If you’re new to sales tax, click here to learn more about nexus and how to collect sales tax for your business.

Have any questions or feedback about the WooCommerce Services integration with TaxJar? Let us know in the comments.

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