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WooCommerce Sellers Can Now Take Payments with Square

by Jennifer Dunn

Square WooCommerce partnership

Do you know that satisfied feeling when two of your friends become friends? That’s how we felt when we heard that WooCommerce sellers could now take payments with Square. WooCommerce makes selling products online easy and Square makes taking payments anywhere easy, so it only stands to reason that the two TaxJar integration partners would get along famously.

Highlights of the WooCommerce & Square integration include:

  • Take payments online or offline – it’s very handy at bookkeeping or sales tax time to have all of your transactions from your online store and your brick and mortar shop all in one place. This partnership will eliminate many of the post-transaction hassles of accepting multiple payment types
  • Create and update products just once – No more listing or changing products in two accounts. With this integration, you can update both Square and WooCommerce inventory at once
  • Keep your inventory updated – Speaking of updating inventory, nothing is worse than having to tell a customer, “Oops, I already sold that piece.” The WooCommerce/Square integration ensures that if you sell something offline it’s removed from your inventory online, too.

What the WooCommerce & Square Integration Means for TaxJar Customers

Both Square and WooCommerce already integrate with TaxJar, meaning it’s now easier than ever for you to collect, report and file sales tax whether you sell at your brick and mortar store using Square or sell online on your WooCommerce-powered site – or both!

Find out more about collecting, reporting and filing sales tax with WooCommerce here, and more about collecting, reporting and filing sales tax with Square here.

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