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Why our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration is a Game Changer for eCommerce Sales Tax Automation

by Sarah Craig

Today we’re thrilled to unveil our latest integration with the world-class Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. Now, your eCommerce store on Salesforce B2C Commerce can access real-time sales tax rates at checkout, with guaranteed accuracy.

 What’s so great about our integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Two words: Speed and revenue.

If your eCommerce company is running on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you certainly know the impact that conversion rates can have on your bottom line. Salesforce’s Einstein AI for Commerce uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized experiences to your customers and increase cart sizes, average order value (AOV), and revenue.

But – did you know site performance, including time to calculate sales tax on orders, can also have a huge impact on your conversion rate? According to a recent study on, every one-second reduction in page load time resulted in a 2% conversion increase. If your eCommerce site produces $1 million in sales each month and your conversion rate increases by 2%, a one-second reduction in page load time equals $20,000 in additional revenue per month!

At TaxJar, we take speed seriously and have designed our Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C integration to ensure you’ll never miss out on lost revenue because of lags in sales tax calculations. Instead of calling the API multiple times, TaxJar pulls in accurate sales tax rates at checkout and caches them for each order, saving your customers time and optimizing conversions when it matters most.

When your eCommerce site does call our API for rates, we’re also ready to respond. On average, our sales tax calculations API endpoint is 16 times faster than our closest competitor. In a world where site performance directly impacts revenue, speed wins – and we deliver unlike anyone else in the industry.   

We’re not the only people fired up about this integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. It’s already garnering attention from TaxJar partner Redstage: 

“It’s exciting to see TaxJar’s new integration. Our customers trust and depend on TaxJar across other eCommerce platforms and as a certified partner, it’s wonderful to see that we can continue to serve them together on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.”

– Hasan Elkomey, Chief Revenue Officer, Redstage

When you’re running a high-growth eCommerce business, automation is essential to keeping up with the various demands you face. At TaxJar, we’re always innovating and looking for new ways to automate your sales tax compliance with our industry-leading technology, so you can concentrate on growing your business. That’s why we’re focused on building leading integrations in-house, for the industry’s top eCommerce platforms and solutions.

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