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Which Summer Vacation Spot has the Highest Sales Tax Rate?

by Jennifer Dunn

It’s that time of year again! Load the kids up in the van or hop on that airplane, because we are off on our summer vacation. From the beach to the city and everywhere in between, TaxJar has selected some of the top US summer vacation spots (according to US News) to learn more about just how much they’ll be taking from you in sales tax.

The town with the lowest sales tax on our list might surprise you. We know that they can’t control costs up there, but #10 is:

DC_jeff_kubina©Jeff Kubina

Washington, DC 20001- 5.75%

This museum mecca and seat of U.S. government boasts the lowest sales tax rate of our ten destinations at only 5.75%. This should leave some pennies in your pocket so that you can take in everything from the Capitol to Ben’s Chili Bowl.

OBX_SC_Miller©SC Miller

Nag’s Head, NC 27959- 6.75%

In Nag’s Head, you can take your pick of activities like sailing, snorkeling, or surfing! The low tax rate of 6.75% is sure to make to those lazy beach days last a little longer.


Savannah, GA 31403- 7%

You’ll take a step back in time in Savannah with fun ghost and cemetery tours. The southern hospitality will make you feel right at home and the beautiful architecture will take your breath away. The sales tax rate of 7% ain’t too shabby, either.

Philly_Ed_Yakovich©Ed Yakovich

Philadelphia, PA 19019- 8%

Your family can trace the roots of America in the City of Brotherly Love by visiting the Liberty Bell Center and Independence Hall. The tax rate is slightly higher in the largest city in Pennsylvania, but don’t let that stop you in the former (albeit temporary) US capital.

Vegas_Dietmar_Rabich©Dietrich Rabich

Las Vegas, NV 89115-8.1%

Bright lights, big money! If you are of legal gambling age, hit the slots or the baccarat table in Las Vegas. Remember to keep an eye on the time and your wallet, your summer break funds could go quickly especially with a sales tax rate of 8.1%.

Austin_Katie_Haugland©Katie Haugland

Austin, TX 78610- 8.25%

This Texas town is known for thinking outside of the box even when it comes to their motto, “Keep Austin Weird.” You can definitely keep it weird with their wonderful music and food scene, which is usually not too expensive to enjoy. This is a good thing because their tax rate of 8.25% makes them 5th on our list.


Charleston, SC 29401- 8.5%

If you want to keep learning this summer, there might not be a better spot than Charleston, South Carolina. It was founded in 1670 and Fort Sumter was where the first shots of the American Civil War were heard. Charleston is not known for being an inexpensive town either to live or play and their tax rate of 8.5% demonstrates that fact.

LA_Alexis_Fam©Alexis Fam

Los Angeles, CA 90201- 9%

Whether you know it as Tinseltown, Hollywood, or The City of Angels, Los Angeles can make a wonderful summer vacation destination. You can take in a baseball game at Dodger’s Stadium or try to land your big break into the acting business. Their tax rate of 9% puts them at #3 on our list.


Chicago, IL 60018- 9.25%

The third largest city in America ranks as #2 on our list with a sales tax rate of 9.25%. While you are there, visit Soldier Field or take in a performance of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, consistently ranked as one of the best orchestras in the world.


Seattle, WA- 9.6%

The most expensive destination (at least sales tax-wise!) on our list of summer vacation destinations is Seattle, Washington with a sales tax rate of 9.6%. Known for being the birthplace of grunge, Seattle offers multitude of things to do and see. Visitors can take their pick of activities like sailing and hiking. Seattle is also becoming well known for culinary adventures.

Hope you had fun cruising around the US with us! Did we forget any special destination? Let us know in the comments.

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