Less Risk, More Growth: 3 Technologies to Scale your Business (Webinar)

by Jennifer Dunn

I often equate a successful business to a snowball. In the startup phase, running your business can feel like thanklessly pushing  your snowball up one side of a hill with no end in sight. But once your snowball reaches success at the top of the mountain – look out! As your snowball rolls down the other side of the hill it gains traction in a good way with new revenue and more customers!

…But as your snowball continues to barrel down that hill you also run into sticks and rocks in the form of obstacles like sales tax compliance, customer fraud and fulfillment snafus. Yes, your business snowball might be big and mighty, but roll it over too many of these obstructions, and it can come to a crashing halt.

Want to protect your business? Then you need to be on the lookout for risk. And TaxJar, Signifyd and Brightpearl are here to help! Sign up for our webinar on January 18th at 9am PT/12pm ET:

eCommerce Risk Technology Webinar Brightpearl Signifyd TaxJar

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Stay Sales Tax Compliant

Avoid problems with customers and state departments of revenue by collecting the right amount of sales tax, every time. Learn how to automate your sales tax collection, reporting and filing with TaxJar so you can get back to the more lucrative parts of running your business.

Prevent Fraud

Unfair though it is, the liability for fraud in your online store falls on you, the merchant. This leads to costly chargebacks, declined orders from good users, and time consuming review processes.  Learn how Signifyd removes that liability from merchants, enabling new business and eliminating losses to fraudulent chargebacks in the process.

Streamline Your Fulfillment Process

Mispicks, overselling and fulfillment delays all negatively impact your customers’ experience and their likelihood to reorder. Processes that worked for tens of orders a day can quickly break down under the pressure of hundreds. Find out how order and inventory management tool Brightpearl can help you bring order to your warehouse, increase accuracy and overall customer satisfaction.

Sign up today to learn smart, automated strategies to battle risk as your business scales:

eCommerce Risk Technology Webinar Brightpearl Signifyd TaxJar

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