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Updated South Carolina State Sales Tax Report 2015

by Jennifer Dunn

South Carolina file sales tax online update 2015

Just in time for October’s “Sales Tax Perfect Storm,” we’ve updated our South Carolina state sales tax report for TaxJar users.

For a long time, filing a sales tax return in the Palmetto State was a fairly straightforward, if time consuming, process. Even though this destination-based state requires that sellers break out the amount of sales tax collected by locality, the old online filing method only required you to figure this out on a county-by county-basis.

Starting this month, South Carolina updated their online filing system to conform to form ST-389 which requires that filers break out sales tax collected in South Carolina by not just county, but my city and local tax. (If you filed by paper, you may have already seen this.) Talk about a nightmare! But don’t fret, TaxJar has your back. With our new report you’ll be putting a lid on South Carolina sales tax in no time.

TaxJar’s Updated South Carolina State Sales Tax Report

To conform with this new standard, we updated TaxJar’s South Carolina state report so that you can once again quickly and easily use TaxJar to fill out your online South Carolina sales tax filing over at the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

Here’s what the report now looks like:

South Carolina state sales tax filing 2015

As long as all of the channels you well on are integrated into TaxJar, you should be able to use this report to quickly and easily fill out your South Carolina sales tax filing. Or, in the future, if you want to make your life even easier, just let us AutoFile your South Carolina sales tax return for you!

Important Notes about the New South Carolina Sales Tax Report

Three major things to know:

1.) This report now includes city taxes and a breakdown of other local taxes you’ve collected.

2.) You may see a county on this report more than once, under a different header. This is because some counties have multiple taxes. Ex: Richland County has transportation taxes and a local option tax.

3.) As you can see from the screenshot, this form is new and we appreciate your feedback on it! Let us know if you run into any trouble by emailing

Have questions or comments about this new report? Start the conversation in the comments!

  • Allen H

    Their online platform has also been updated. You have to re-register for access. Your old log in credentials do not work. As long as your account did not change, you just need one figure from your previous month’s return. However, if – like me – you move FROM SC to another state – you have to send in a change of address on the paper form. Since the change of address to out of state is also a change of tax reporting (out of state only requires the sales tax report), you also get an entirely new license and number. The back log for that paperwork put me one month behind in reporting my tax (luckily I had no sales to SC during the missed month). Next, I had to file my first report by paper in order to have information “from the previous month’s return,” to complete the online access procedure for the MyDORWAY portal. They require “the amount entered on line 1 of the previous month’s return. Next month should be easier.

    • Thanks for letting us know!

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