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International VAT

Webinar: How to Handle VAT when Selling into the European Union

by Jennifer Dunn

VAT Explained for Online Sellers Selling into Europe

According to Business Insider, the European Union is on track for skyrocketing eCommerce growth. Are you planning to take advantage of this expansion by selling into the European marketing? If so, one thing you’ll have to understand is VAT.

VAT can be a tricky concept to wrap your head around, especially for U.S. sellers accustomed to our sales tax system. The good news is that VAT is much easier to handle once you have the basics! And to introduce you to the basics, we’ve partnered up with our friends at for a free webinar.

Register now and learn:

  • What to expect from the eCommerce market in Europe
  • The difference between VAT and sales tax
  • How to get set up for success when handling VAT
  • How to avoid VAT surprises
  • A whole lot more

We’ll be LIVE Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 9am PT/12pm ET/4pm GMT. If you can’t attend one that time and date, the video will be recorded. You can re-watch the presentation on TaxJar’s Sales Tax YouTube Channel.

Register here:

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About the Presenter

Vikram Hans is a part of the Business Development team at He has extensive knowledge and experience of both the finance and eCommerce industry and is passionate about helping businesses succeed internationally. Vikram knows that each business operates differently and takes the time to understand each unique business to achieve their international goals through VAT knowledge and partner relationships.

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