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The Best Websites for eCommerce Financial Advice

by Jennifer Dunn

Financial websites for eCommerce sellers

This guest post is from our friends at MyCorporation and reflects their opinions.

We shared with you some of the online resources that every eCommerce business owner should know about, now we’re switching gears to talk shop. Being a part of the eCommerce industry inevitably means having questions about finances and trying to figure out which sources online can provide your business with the most accurate information. Rather than risk getting the wrong answers to your questions, we’ve combed the internet for some of the best websites


It’s tough to find an eCommerce business that isn’t familiar with this global media giant’s website and accompanying print publication, but chances are you might not realize just how much content it offers readers. There’s a sprinkling of everything financially newsworthy at Forbes from personal finance tips to the latest trending topics in taxes. There’s even a new portion of the site called Bankable that offers up fresh perspectives to money, career, and balance.

Who writes here? Members of the Forbes staff with years of reporting experience can be spotted with a blue check mark next to their names, posting frequently for their readership. There are also plenty of small business owners and financial experts that serve as contributors to the site — and you can find out more about the pitching process by contacting Forbes.

Want more media outlets with financial resources? Try reading Entrepreneur, Inc., or MONEY!


As an eCommerce business owner, a major part of your transactions are done using credit cards. But how much do you truly understand about how it works? Is credit card processing worth it? Are there any tips or tricks to saving on these fees? And what’s the best credit card to use for your small business, anyway?

All of these answers and much more can be found at NerdWallet, the financial site that thrives on helping people get the most out of their money. Banking, loans, and insurance are all just a handful of areas that NerdWallet specializes in, along with the knowledge and information necessary to become credit card savvy. eCommerce business owners can determine the best credit card for their business along with better understanding what their credit score looks like, tips for tracking spending habits, and how to save for just about anything.

Still seeking credit advice and assistance? Check out the blogs on or LearnVest!

Planet Money

We cheated a little bit with this one since technically NPR’s Planet Money is a podcast, so you’ll be listening to it rather than reading. With the tagline “the economy explained,” each episode touches on a new financial hot topic including corporate income tax, bankruptcy, and how to make it in a specific industry.

Planet Money errs on a much larger scale beyond the modest eCommerce online storefront — making it all the more necessary to listen in. It’s good for eCommerce business owners to be aware of the major financial stories of the day and how they may affect their business in the long run. Beyond a sense of awareness for current events, it can also be incredibly inspiring. Many of the businesses profiled got started small before they made it big. Even mistakes made along the way aren’t seen as failures, but rather lessons learned — and valuable ones at that!

Ready to binge listen on more money topics? Try Slate Money or Freakonomics Radio!

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