TaxJar’s Magento 2 Integration Simplifies Sales Tax with Address Validation

by Sarah Craig

TaxJar Magento Integration

Sales tax can cause headaches. That’s why it’s TaxJar’s mission to simplify eCommerce for everyone by creating integrations that relieve stress and automate sales tax for online store owners. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce a new upgrade of address validation for Magento 2 stores.

What is Address Validation and Why is it Important?

As you probably know, sales tax data can be messy. While it may seem minor, sales tax rates can vary from building to building, even as close as across the street. In fact, some homes can be in two different counties, yet sit directly next door to one another, having tax rates that differ as much as 4% from one to the next. It can even come down to the way a mailbox is positioned on the street. 

With more than 12,000 overlapping U.S. sales and use tax jurisdictions, relying on a ZIP code at checkout to configure sales tax rates is less than ideal. Instead, verifying an address down to its rooftop is necessary to provide the exact tax rate of where you’re shipping a product.

TaxJar’s address validation service verifies the location of the buyer’s address by its rooftop with what’s known as rooftop accuracy. This way, you know your buyer’s products are going to their precise location rather than a wide range of ZIP codes. In addition, knowing that the address entered at checkout corresponds to an actual USPS database location means your customer records are clean and will prevent errors that can cause logistical headaches.

Magento 2 users now have access to address validation during the checkout process to ensure the sales tax they collect is accurate. Unlike other Magento 2 address validation offerings, TaxJar adds the suggested addresses immediately after the shipping address form to make the user experience for your customers simple and streamlined. We’ve also ensured that TaxJar’s address validation works nicely with third-party checkout extensions outside of the native Magento checkout process such as Amasty and Aheadworks One Step Checkout.

How Does TaxJar Work?

With TaxJar, we’ll update your tax rates every month so you never have to worry about charging the wrong rate. You’ll also know where and when you have sales tax nexus instead of having to keep up with changing and evolving legislation. In just minutes, your sales tax settings within Magento are configured. Our built-in support for product and customer exemptions, shipping taxability, sourcing logic, and itemized discounts makes your life easier. And, we even support customers with gift card exemptions!

If you’re a smaller business using TaxJar or have bigger sales tax needs (i.e, nexus in multiple states or are a multichannel seller) and find yourself wanting additional support from TaxJar Plus, we offer sales tax solutions for Magento users of all kinds. To learn more about TaxJar’s offerings for Magento 1 and 2 stores, as well as TaxJar Plus and what it can mean for your business, read more at TaxJar for Magento.

TaxJar was built for modern eCommerce, and our latest release of address validation for Magento 2 is one more way we’re here to help you save hours and headaches by easily automating your sales tax. To get started or for more information, reach out to schedule a demo of address validation for Magento.

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