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Recent TaxJar Updates Make for Even Simpler Sales Tax Filing

by Jennifer Dunn

TaxJar Updates

Recently we’ve added a few new TaxJar features that will help you file your sales tax returns – even when you may be a little behind filing. Check it out:

Sales Tax Filing Deadline Reminders

TaxJar users will now receive a monthly reminder of all of your sales tax due dates. Keep an eye out for this email at the beginning of each month.

If you notice you’re receiving reminders for a sales tax due date in a month where you don’t have sales tax due in that state, just login to your TaxJar dashboard and make sure the filing frequency for that state is set up correctly. You can double check your frequency for each state here. (Keep in mind that your state assigns you a filing frequency when you register for your sales tax permit.)

We also understand that email inboxes get cluttered. If you’d rather not receive sales tax deadline reminders from TaxJar in your inbox, just login to TaxJar, click Account on your dashboard, then Notification Preferences. Uncheck the box that says “Send me sales tax reminders.”

TaxJar sales tax due date reminders

Dashboard Due Dates

Now, as soon as you record a sales tax payment in TaxJar, that state will drop down lower on your TaxJar dashboard, below states in which you have an impending sales tax filing due date. This just makes filing sales tax a little tidier for you, since you can now see all of your state sales tax due dates, in order, on your TaxJar dashboard. Here’s an example of a dashboard showing you your next sales tax due dates in date order:

TaxJar Sales  Tax Due Dates

Easier to File Back Taxes

There are a millions reasons why you may not be able to file a sales tax return on time, but no matter when you’re filing, TaxJar has your back.

Now, when you attempt to file a sales tax return for a past filing period, we’ll provide you with an easy filing link so you can manually file using your sales data in TaxJar. You’ll notice this link at the bottom of the page when viewing a past due period on your TaxJar state report:

File Overdue Sales Tax Return TaxJar

Whether you’re amending a past sales tax return, or life just got in the way, it’s now easier than ever to file a sales tax return for a historical period with TaxJar.

Do you have questions or something to say about these updates? Start the conversation in the comments!

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