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TaxJar Release Notes: September 2017

by Jake Johnson

TaxJar Release Notes

Release Notes is our new monthly guide covering product improvements across the board, from AutoFile to our API. We’re improving TaxJar every day to make sales tax easy for merchants and developers. Take a look at everything we shipped in the month of September! 🍂

💸 CA Refunds from Prior Periods Reports

When it comes to filing sales tax, handling refunds can be tricky. Occasionally you may notice negative amounts for specific jurisdictions when reviewing a local report in TaxJar. This happens when you’ve refunded more sales tax than you owe for a given jurisdiction in a period. Here’s the tricky part: Most states don’t allow you to file negative amounts.

Thankfully, TaxJar has your back in this situation. If we detect negative jurisdiction amounts, we’ll give you the option to roll over refunds to your next filing period:

The nice thing is that you’ll be able to reclaim these refunds in the next period but you won’t have to file an amended return. If you’re using AutoFile, we’ll do this automatically for you. For manual filers, simply click the blue “Apply refunds for a future filing” button and relax:

Your return is now ready to file. Easy breezy!

Important Note: Prior period refunds are currently available for California. We’re rolling out support for other states after November 1st.

📥 AutoFile Improvements AutoFile

We’re always making behind-the-scenes improvement to AutoFile, our flagship product for automating your sales tax returns. In September, we made several customer-facing changes we’d like to share with you.

If you’re enrolled for AutoFile in Georgia, you’ll be able to download a return artifact for upcoming filings under Filing History:

For our merchants in California, we’ve added some additional automation around catching BOE filing period issues upfront to save time:

Lastly, we fixed a minor display issue in Filing History when the Washington B&O opt-in status was changed.

🌵 AZ Local Report Improvements Reports

Beyond refunds from prior periods, we made some additional improvements to TaxJar Reports.

First off we changed how we report excess sales tax in Arizona. Excess tax on our “Actual” reporting tab is now gone with more accurate calculations under the “Expected” tab. Here’s how it works:

1) We calculate the excess county amount due and compare it against the actual county taxes collected for State + County Excess Tax Collected. It’s unlikely that you’ll over-collect the state amount.

2) We then subtract that amount from the total amount of tax collected and put the remainder in “City Excess Tax Collected”.

📚 TaxJar API Integration Guides apiIntegrations

As TaxJar’s ecosystem of sales tax integrations continues to grow and prosper, we decided to write some guides for building custom integrations with our TaxJar API. We like to call them… 🥁 TaxJar  API Integration Guides!

In these guides, we cover everything you need to know about handling sales tax calculations, reporting, and filing with our TaxJar  API on your own eCommerce platform. That also includes some API quirks and gotchas along with important advice from Graham, our sales tax analyst.

If you’re building a new TaxJar  API integration from scratch or you’re just curious about how we build our own integrations, these guides are a must read.

🛠 Integration Updates Integrations

Last month we made some big changes to our WooCommerce importer for getting transactions into TaxJar. If you were having connection issues with Woo recently this is great news, as this update greatly improves stability on web hosts serving up HTTP/2 responses.

Also we now support billing addresses when importing virtual orders from Woo into TaxJar. When selling digital products or subscriptions, you’ll only collect the billing address, not the shipping address.

Besides that, we have a handful of improvements lined up for our Magento and WooCommerce plugins this month. Stay tuned!

🤓 TaxJar API Client & Demo Updates api

Our Ruby, .NET, and Java clients got a little love in September to correctly handle the product_tax_code attribute in line items when working with our /v2/transactions endpoints.

We also added EU & AU international examples to our TaxJar API demo. If you try to calculate sales tax for an interstate order without nexus addresses, you’ll notice a helpful new message around “No Nexus”:

That’s a wrap! 🎬 If you have any questions or need help, feel free to email Get ready for October 🎃, we have some fun announcements in the works!

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