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TaxJar Release Notes: March, April, and May 2018

by Jake Johnson

TaxJar Release Notes

Release Notes is our monthly guide covering product improvements across the board, from AutoFile to SmartCalcs. We’re improving TaxJar every day to make sales tax easy for merchants and developers. Take a look at everything we shipped in the months of March, April, and May! 💐

🌵 Texas Street-Level Rooftop Calculations & State Accuracy Improvements Reports SmartCalcs

Big news: TaxJar now provides street-level accurate sales tax calculations for the state of Texas! Rooftop calculations are available for 30 states (and growing) when calculating expected sales tax in our app and calculating sales tax at checkout using SmartCalcs, our sales tax API. Take it for a test drive using our sales tax calculator:

We’ve also rolled out accuracy improvements to Colorado and South Carolina. For Colorado, we fixed a sourcing issue with city sales tax in cities that span multiple county jurisdictions. City tax will be collected if a sale is shipping to/from the same city between different counties.

Sourcing rules have been updated for Virginia. If a seller is located in VA, sales tax is collected based on the seller’s address (origin). If the seller is located outside of VA, we’ll use the customer’s address (destination).

In case you didn’t know, TaxJar has a dedicated team of developers and sales tax analysts focused on one thing: Accuracy. We’re continuously improving the accuracy of our service and we even provide a sales tax accuracy guarantee to ensure you’re covered in the unlikely event of an audit.

📄 State Report Improvements Reports

Over the last several months we’ve made a variety of improvements to our state-based sales tax reports:

  • California (CA) sales tax report now has a number of new / updated / expiring district codes shown directly next to the district name.
  • Connecticut (CT) sales tax report now breaks out “Computer and data processing services” from “Fully Taxed Sales”. These transactions include Digital Goods or Software as a Service taxed at a reduced 1% state rate. We also made improvements to the CT actual tax collected and total sales tax amounts to be more accurate and consistent with other state reports.
  • Georgia (GA) sales tax report now matches the state’s new ST-3 Sales & Use Tax Return form as of April 2018. You can learn more about these changes from the GA DOR.
  • Illinois (IL) sales tax report now breaks out “Food, drug, and medical” sales from “General merchandise” to more closely match the IL ST1 form.
  • Kansas (KS) and Minnesota (MN) sales tax reports now display a couple more filing codes and jurisdictions that were added in Q2 2018.
  • Pennsylvania (PA) sales tax report now breaks out “Marketplace Sales” on a separate line in the report and deducts the amount from Gross Sales.
  • South Carolina (SC) sales tax report no longer hides local jurisdictions with 0% local and special rates.
  • Texas (TX) sales tax report no longer shows duplicate special jurisdiction rows in certain scenarios.

If one of your sales tax reports is empty (no transactions in a given state and period), we’ll consistently show $0 for Gross Sales, Tax Collected, etc. and no longer hide the “Steps to File Manually” button for AZ, CA, FL, NC, SC, and VA.

⚡️ AutoFile Improvements AutoFile

Behind the scenes, AutoFile is always improving to remit and file your sales tax efficiently. Here’s a list of public-facing changes we recently introduced:

  • Arizona (AZ) now supports government exempt and wholesale / resale exempt transactions via state deduction codes.
  • Arkansas (AR), Hawaii (HI), and Massachusetts (MA) enrollments no longer ask for your EIN since we already have it in your business profile.
  • Arkansas (AR) and Mississippi (MS) enrollments now require a sales tax account type of either sales tax or use tax.
  • Colorado (CO) enrollment form now asks for your license type (sales tax, use tax, or both), whether you have a physical location in the state, and whether you ship to customer locations in the state. Check out our blog post on why we ask these questions. We also improved validation around the EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) ID number and password.
  • Georgia (GA) copy of return no longer shows Atlanta and TSPLOST in the top summary and an empty TSPLOST section at the bottom.
  • We simplified our upcoming filing notice email with a five minute checklist to verify your sales tax reports, transactions, and exemptions before we file a return on your behalf.

If new enrollments in a specific state are temporarily closed, we now show you a “Why Can’t I Enroll?” link to explain why. We can also follow up with you and let you know when the state re-opens again. Already enrolled in a closed state? You’ll remain enrolled in AutoFile, but you won’t be able to edit your existing enrollment from Account > AutoFile Enrollments until it re-opens.

After logging into the TaxJar dashboard, you may notice some new icons for your AutoFile enrolled states. These new icons better reflect the various statuses of your state filings and the process each filing goes through in our system. If we’re waiting on information from you to proceed with a filing, we provide a clearer way to communicate issues:

👩🏽‍💻 General App Improvements Reports

If you’ve been using our app to mark wholesale, resale, or government transactions as exempt, you can now mark multiple transactions in bulk at the same time:

More good news: If one of your linked accounts becomes invalid due to an issue when we attempt to import transactions into TaxJar, we’ll send an email notification to let you know. You can disable these notifications under Account > Notification Preferences:

We also fixed some general bugs with the app:

  • Fixed paging of transactions in the TaxJar app for transactions with the same reporting date across multiple pages.
  • Fixed bug with not being able to mark transactions on subsequent pages as exempt from sales tax.
  • Fixed bug with CSV importer regarding transaction dates. Merchants can no longer change dates on transactions in closed periods.
  • Fixed formatting of California (CA) XLS export to match Schedule A & B on the web-based sales tax report.
  • Fixed Square re-connect functionality for existing TaxJar merchants.
  • Fixed Shopify issue with filing frequency changes in your home state after connecting.

👥 Teams & Exportable DSTA Reports (TaxJar Plus) Reports

As part of our new TaxJar Plus offering for growing businesses, you can now create a team to share your TaxJar account data with other people:

You can also export DSTA (Detailed Sales Tax Analysis) reports as XLS documents right away. To get started, reach out to our sales team about TaxJar Plus.

✅ SmartCalcs Customer Exemptions SmartCalcs

In April we released a group of new API endpoints to manage customer exemptions directly through SmartCalcs. After creating a new wholesale, government, or other exempt customer, you can pass the customer’s ID to our calculation and reporting endpoints to automatically exempt the customer from sales tax.

Review our API documentation to learn more. We also updated all of our API clients to support the new endpoints for managing customers. At this time, customer data is only available within the API.

🛠 Integration Updates Integrations

Besides updating all of our API clients and documentation for customer exemptions, we released some big updates to our open source eCommerce integrations and introduced a shiny new C# / .NET client.

Our WooCommerce plugin was completely refactored for improved stability and thoroughly tested in WooCommerce 3.3:

  • Tested up to WooCommerce 3.3
  • Refactored plugin to better handle total calculations and WC Subscriptions
  • Fix nexus overage API issue with expired TaxJar accounts
  • Fix rounding issue with line items in WC 3.2
  • Add filter hook to TaxJar store settings for developers
  • And more!

To get started with our WooCommerce plugin, download the latest version from

Our Magento 2 extension supports multi-store calculations and transaction sync in the latest update (v1.0 stable):

  • Multi-store calculations and transaction sync. Nexus addresses can be assigned to specific stores in Magento for calculations. Multiple API tokens can be used to calculate sales tax and sync transactions to TaxJar.
  • Multi-website shipping origins. TaxJar uses different shipping origins by website for calculations and reporting / filing.
  • Transaction sync CLI command. Developers can backfill transactions into TaxJar using the Magento CLI.
  • Improve full tax summary at checkout with tax amounts and rates per jurisdiction.

To get started with our Magento 2 extension, download the latest version from Magento Marketplace and check out our comprehensive guide.

Lastly, our .NET client received a huge upgrade with .NET Standard 2.0 / .NET Core support. If you’re a C# / .NET developer, you can also use our domain-specific models instead of anonymous types to build requests using the API client. To get started, check out our Quickstart Guide.

If you have any questions about these updates or need help, feel free to email

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