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TaxJar Release Notes: July 2017

by Jake Johnson

TaxJar Release Notes

Release Notes is our new monthly guide covering product improvements across the board, from AutoFile to SmartCalcs. We’re improving TaxJar every day to make sales tax easy for merchants and developers. Take a look at everything we shipped in the month of July!

🗄 WA AutoFile: Retailing B&O Tax Support AutoFile

Retailing business and occupation tax filing is now available for AutoFile in Washington. We can file your full return with Retailing B&O tax or just the sales and use tax portion — it’s completely up to you.

When enrolling for Washington, you can opt-in to Retailing B&O tax filing by selecting “Yes, I want TaxJar to file my Business & Occupation tax return” underneath the state credential fields:

WA AutoFile: B&O Tax Opt-In

You can also update this setting prior to your next filing if you’re already enrolled. Go to Account > State Settings and edit your WA AutoFile settings. After saving you should be good to go!

To accommodate Retailing B&O tax filing, we’ve also added support for multiple filing artifacts. If we file a full sales tax return for Washington, you’ll find an artifact for both sales tax and B&O tax under Filing History in the TaxJar app.

🌵 TX Local Report Improvements Reports

Based on your feedback, we moved jurisdiction codes to a separate column in our Texas local report to make things easier if you’re filing manually through the Texas Comptroller’s EDI system:

TX Local Report Jurisdiction Code Column

⬆️ CSV Upload Improvements Reports

If you’re uploading transactions via CSV, we recently added the shiptostreet column for more accurate reporting. Here’s another bonus: You can now use spaces in your CSV file names without any issues:

CSV Upload Ship To Street

☕️ Java Sales Tax API Client SmartCalcs

In July, we shipped our 6th (and largest) sales tax API client for… Java! According to the TIOBE Programming Community Index, Java remains the most popular programming language worldwide. Get it now by installing taxjar-java with Maven or Gradle.

We also wrote a quickstart guide and plenty of examples for Java in our developer portal. Check it out.

🔄 Magento 2 Sync Improvements Integrations

Transaction sync in Magento 2 is our first reporting integration completely powered by SmartCalcs. Orders and refunds are imported into TaxJar in real-time directly through our extension. Here’s a rundown of some recent improvements we’ve made to transaction sync:

  • Ensure non-US, non-USD orders are filtered during transaction backfill process
  • Pass shipping discounts as a separate line item when syncing transactions
  • Prevent duplicate order comments and total refund amounts when syncing refunds
  • Fix line item IDs for credit memo line items when syncing refunds
  • Reduce configurable / bundle product children line items to base products when syncing refunds
  • Hide sync dates for orders and credit memos if empty

You can download v0.7.3 from our GitHub repo. The latest version will be available in the Magento Marketplace shortly.

🛠 Integration Updates Integrations

Many of our integrations such as Woo and BigCommerce received some minor bug fixes and improvements:

  • WooCommerce – Fix local pickup error in WooCommerce < 2.6.2
  • WooCommerce – Only calculate tax on subscriptions when recurring payment occurs
  • Magento 1 – Improve error handling if total invoiced is an empty string when importing refunds
  • BigCommerce – Improve error handling for 400 status responses when importing orders

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to email Stay tuned, we have some big announcements in the pipeline for August!

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