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TaxJar Release Notes: August 2017

by Jake Johnson

TaxJar Release Notes

Release Notes is our new monthly guide covering product improvements across the board, from AutoFile to SmartCalcs. We’re improving TaxJar every day to make sales tax easy for merchants and developers. Take a look at everything we shipped in the month of August!

🙂 Walmart Integration Reports

Big news: TaxJar now connects to the Walmart Marketplace! As a marketplace seller on Walmart, you can begin importing new orders and up to 90 days of your order history into TaxJar. To get started, follow the connect instructions inside the TaxJar app.

If you need to import older orders beyond the 90 day window, you’ll need to export them from the Walmart Seller Center and import them into TaxJar using a CSV file. Learn more on how to import transactions via CSV.

⏰ AutoFile Improvements AutoFile

We’re constantly improving AutoFile behind the scenes to process your returns faster and more efficiently. If you visit the TaxJar dashboard as an AutoFile customer, you’ll notice something new:

You can now easily see the status of your state filings from the dashboard to determine if a filing is scheduled, processing, or filed. We also made a couple tweaks to ensure you know the exact date when a filing will be processed and filed by TaxJar rather than the state’s filing deadline.

If you’re using AutoFile in Washington, we have more good news. Your WA local report should include more information around retailing B&O. Litter tax is now included in all B&O tax amounts. TaxJar can file your business & occupation tax returns for an additional $10 (for a total of $29.95 per WA return).

Lastly, the filing date shown for individual filings under “Filing History” now displays the actual filing date rather than the due date of the filing.

⚡️ Sales Tax Calculator SmartCalcs

Thanks to address autocompletion powered by Addressy, our sales tax calculator is now lightning fast for looking up rates in a few keystrokes. Start typing an address and our calculator will automatically fill in the city, zip code, and country along with a request to SmartCalcs. Check it out!

🛒 WooCommerce Backend Order Calculations Integrations

With 3.2 on the horizon and 3.0 released less than 6 months ago, WooCommerce is quickly evolving with new features and improvements. Our sales tax plugin now supports backend order calculations for both WooCommerce 2.x and 3.x, along with support for 3.2 backend coupons / discounts in the pipeline. If you’re taking advantage of product exemptions through custom tax classes in Woo, you’ll notice multiple tax columns for orders with products using various tax classes:

You can install v1.4.0 of our plugin directly from the WordPress admin panel or download from

🛠 Integration Updates Integrations

In addition to Walmart and WooCommerce, we’ve been hard at work improving our other integrations too. Here’s the rundown:

  • Magento 2 – Fix calculations for fixed price bundle products and child item quantities for bundle items
  • Magento 2 – Fully exempt tax when product tax class is set to “None”
  • Magento 2 – Fix order comment duplication and total refunded amount after syncing
  • Magento 2 – Hide sync dates for orders and credit memos if empty
  • Magento 2 – Fix client exception syntax issue
  • Magento 2 – Fix debug mode error when TaxJar account has no nexus states
  • Magento 1 – Fix calculations for fixed price bundle products
  • Magento 1 – Fully exempt tax when product tax class is set to “None”
  • Shopify – Requesting `read_products` permission for authentications
  • WooCommerce – Improve product tax class parsing
  • WooCommerce – Fix “limit usage to X items” discounts in 3.1
  • WooCommerce – Switched to `created_at` date for order transaction dates instead of `completed_at`

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to email Stay tuned, we have more exciting announcements for September!

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