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Making TaxJar Easier for Multiple Users

by Jennifer Dunn

TaxJar has long been the leading sales tax software for small businesses and single account owners, but with the introduction of our premium service, TaxJar Professional, TaxJar is now the best sales tax solution for large teams and growing brands. 

Users & Roles is a feature exclusive to TaxJar Professional customers that allows multiple users to login to the same TaxJar account from separate email logins. With our latest release, TaxJar Professional subscribers can now choose the level of access that is appropriate for sharing the account with supporting tax team members. 

Adding Users & Defining Roles

Complex organizations have growing teams to manage key responsibilities like sales tax. Varying levels of permissions for users means that your business can give the right amount of access to the right people.

In this first release, we’re offering two roles to choose fromMember and Administrator.

Members have limited permissions, with no access to billing or nexus setup. It’s just the right level of access for administrative work like pulling reports and monitoring the numbers.

Members have the following access abilities: 

  • View the dashboard and the Sales Tax Reports
  • Run the Sales & Transactions Checker to stay up to date on economic nexus
  • View & export XLS versions of state Sales Tax Reports
  • View Transactions and request CSV exports (note: export notification emails will be sent to the account Administrator’s email address)
  • View and manage Exemptions
  • View current AutoFile enrollments
  • Update AutoFile banking details

Administrator Level has full access to make account-level changes and includes all of the member access privileges listed above, in addition to a few more options. This level is for the people in your organization that have responsibility to manage TaxJar. 

Administrators have the following additional access abilities: 

  • Permission to manage, add or remove users
  • View or change the administrator’s password
  • View or change the account’s notification preferences
  • View or change an account’s nexus state settings
  • Change or connect additional linked accounts or channels where you sell
  • Enroll in AutoFile or purchase AutoFile credits
  • View or create API tokens
  • View or edit billing details in the account page
  • Permission to import CSV data

How to add a new User & Assign a Role?

To add a new team member, you first must verify that you are a subscriber to TaxJar Professional.

TaxJar Professional provides premium service, support, and performance for businesses & developers looking to save time and eliminate sales tax headaches. Get in touch with our sales team to upgrade or schedule a demo to learn more about how we can solve your business’s sales tax complexity.

To start, navigate to “Account” and then “Users & Roles” (which you can find on the menu on the left side of the screen.)

On that screen, you’ll see all of the current members of the team. Click “Invite New User.” In the pop-up that appears, you’ll fill in their name, email address, and desired permission level. Your new team member will receive an email notification. If they already have a TaxJar account, the email will prompt them to log into that account. If they don’t, it will prompt them to create one.

To manage you team’s access, navigate back to Users & Roles again. Here you’ll see the names, roles (permission levels), and the date of last activity. To remove a current member, click “Remove” on the right side of their name. Revoking access is immediate and they’ll receive an email notification that they’ve been removed from the account. 

Note: To modify a legacy user’s access level, please remove the user and then re-add them to your account. After, you’ll be prompted to choose their permission type for this account.

Switching Between Multiple Accounts

In some cases, sales tax professionals and/or accounting teams might be managing several TaxJar Professional accounts with multiple logins. We know that this isn’t ideal and so we’ve recently launched an improvement to the login process to smooth this transition between accounts. 

No more logging out and then logging back in with a different email address to look at a different account. Instead, you’ll click the account name on the far right of the menu to see a listing of all accounts you still have access to. Click the one you want to switch to and you’ll see that account’s dashboard on your screen.

Note: the name of the account that is open will be displayed on the top far right top menu

While these are small improvements, we’re dedicated to making TaxJar easier to use in every way for our customers. 

If you’re new to TaxJar or currently on a Starter plan and need multi-user access, please get in touch with our TaxJar Professional team to learn more about upgrading or signing up. TaxJar Professional is our premium sales tax solution designed to meet the needs of growing businesses with complex sales tax requirements. 

Stay tuned for more updates on how we’re working on improving our user experience and let us know what you think about Users & Roles in the comments below!  

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