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TaxJar now integrates with Stripe Relay

by Kevin Reeth

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We’re excited to announce a direct integration between Stripe Relay and TaxJar. Customers of Stripe Relay can now have all of their order history directly synced with TaxJar just like any of our other channel partners, allowing for state-by-state sales tax reports and electronic filing.

Paid and refunded orders processed through Stripe’s Relay platform will sync each day, providing customers with current sales tax liabilities by taxing jurisdiction.

Note: other Stripe payments, such as subscriptions and payments processed with basic Stripe charges will not be included at this time.

Why Stripe Relay?

Stripe Relay aims to solve the mobile website conversion problem by providing in-app “Buy” buttons that allow mobile shoppers to quickly and easily make a purchase straight from their mobile devices. (Ex: Merchants are now using Stripe Relay to make sales within Tweets.) You can find out more about Stripe Relay here.

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