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TaxJar & COVID-19: Resources for the eCommerce Industry

by Jenny Ayres


We are here for you, just like you have been here for us since the beginning in 2013. We’ve pulled together a few pieces of information and resources available as we continue navigating the challenges this global pandemic has brought on us. We will get through this, and like we’ve said before, we know being a business owner, you were built to withstand the toughest of times. We are here to help.

Uninterrupted Customer Support and Service

We have always been a completely remote team. That means that TaxJar’s day-to-day operations have not been adversely affected by the pandemic. Our 160+ employees remain at work (in their homes, safely social-distancing) and proudly bring our products, services and support to you.

There will be no interruption in our service. We will continue to AutoFile your sales tax returns as we’ve always done, accurately and on time. 

And we pride ourselves on customer support. If you have any technology questions or want to know how COVID-19 impacts your sales tax, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you.

Live Sales Tax Updates 

Yes, we keep up-to-the minute information on our sales blog, but we are now also live streaming from our Facebook community to provide the most recent changes to sales tax rules and regulations. If you prefer to digest the latest news via audio or video, join our group, listen, and ask questions in real-time. Simple, digestible and to the point with our sales tax experts. 

Sales Tax Blog

Any information, from state-to-state sales tax extension to the latest impact on Amazon sellers to tips on how to create a remote environment, can be found on our sales tax blog. Have suggestions or want to tell your COVID-19 story? Reach out to We’d love to hear from you. 

The Latest Covid-19 News & Resources from TaxJar

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Additional Resources from External Sources We Find Helpful

IRS.Gov Coronavirus Information

Small Business Administration (SBA) Guidance and Loan Resources

Forbes’ List of COVID-19 Small Business Relief Programs

Understanding the COVID-19 Effect on Online Shopping Behavior 

Getting Through COVID-19: A Financial Game Plan for Small Businesses


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