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TaxJar AutoFile Updates, Spring 2017

by Jennifer Dunn

We’re thrilled to announce some big changes to TaxJar AutoFile this spring! They include:

  • New AutoFile states
  • Longer AutoFile enrollment periods
  • Self-serve copies of your AutoFiled sales tax returns

Read on to find out how all this makes your sales tax life even simpler.

New AutoFile States

AutoFile Sales Tax Kansas Massachusetts with TaxJar

TaxJar can now AutoFile your sales tax returns in two new states:

  • Kansas
  • Massachusetts

This means we’ll take the burden of sales tax filing away from you in these two states. (And more states are coming soon!) Want to stop filing your own returns in Kansas or Massachusetts? Login to TaxJar and enroll in AutoFile today!

>>>Click here to see every state where TaxJar will AutoFile your sales tax returns for you!

Longer AutoFile Enrollment Periods

You asked, and we listened. Enrollment periods for AutoFile were just too short. Many of you determined late in the month that you wanted to AutoFile an upcoming filing, only to find out that you’d missed the cutoff date and could not enroll.

These past few months we’ve worked very hard to solve this problem for our customers. Now, in most states, you can enroll in AutoFile up to four days before the sales tax filing due date. This means:

  • If you have a California sales tax filing due on July 31st, you can enroll in AutoFile as late as July 27th.
  • If you have a Massachusetts sales tax filing due on July 20th, you can enroll in AutoFile as late as July 15th.

Two exceptions are Florida and South Carolina, where state requirements mean that we need more time to process your AutoFile. In Florida and South Carolina, you can enroll in AutoFile as late as 8 days before the due date.

Find out more about the TaxJar AutoFile process here, or by watching our quick video:

Copies of your AutoFiled Sales Tax Returns

We get it. TaxJar AutoFile is here to make sales tax go away, but sometimes you need to see a copy of your sales tax return. That’s why we’ve made it self-service for you to go and see a copy of your return or return confirmation anytime!

(Note: How much information we display depends entirely on the state, and some states are more generous with copies of returns than others.)

To see a copy of a sales tax return we previous AutoFiled:

  1. Login to your TaxJar Dashboard
  2. Click “Filing History” in the top right corner
  3. In the “Copy of Return” column, click “Download” for the return you wish to download

How to Download a Copy of TaxJar Sales tax Filing

What’s Next for AutoFile?

TaxJar AutoFile States May 2017

We’re rolling out AutoFile in more states very soon. We work from customer requests, so if you’d like to AutoFile your sales tax returns in a particular state, take a few seconds to let us know by filling out this 2-question form! We’ll notify when your state is available.

Have other requests or something to say? Start the conversation in the comments!

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