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Big Updates to TaxJar’s API Functionality

by Kevin Reeth

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We are very excited to release a number of enhancements to the TaxJar API. TaxJar now provides a fully automated, full-service sales tax compliance solution via API. You can calculate accurate sales tax on orders, send those orders into TaxJar automatically, report on them by local jurisdiction, and file and pay your sales tax returns. It truly eliminates the hassles of sales tax compliance.

Here’s an overview of the changes

1. Cleaner, easier to understand structure of endpoints, requests and responses

V2 of our API not only adds functionality, but simplifies our endpoint url structure and uses more RESTful requests. In general, V2 endpoints follow this convention:

For example, to calculate the correct sales tax under the Standard API tier, simply call, with the appropriate parameters:

To do the same under the Enhanced API tier, with that tier’s more detailed parameters, call:

Sales Tax API documentation.

In addition, V2 is more RESTful, using POST requests for sales tax calculations, while retaining GET requests for simple Rate and Category requests. Prior API calls (using V1 of the API) were all done using GET requests.

The old endpoints still work, though, if you have the time/resources, we strongly recommend standardizing on V2.

2. Ability to programmatically submit transactions (orders, refunds, etc) to TaxJar via our API

Until now, if you needed to enter a lot of transactions into TaxJar from sources other than our integrated partners, your only choice was to generate a CSV file and upload that to TaxJar. Now, we have simple, RESTful API endpoints to let you do this programmatically.

To submit orders or refunds, just call the proper endpoint with the required parameters (both are POST requests:)

And of course, we support PUT requests to update an order or refund:

3. New API dashboard to help you monitor usage of TaxJar’s APIs

We’ve created a new screen at to help you see your API usage and manage your nexus settings. We’ve also added a link to this screen from the main dashboard, which is visible if you have requested an API token.

To request a TaxJar API token, you can always go to

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