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TaxJar Now Offers SmartCalcs Sales Tax Calculation for Stripe Users

by Kevin Reeth

Stripe TaxJar SmartCalcs Integration

No business owner wants to stay up at night worrying whether you’re collecting the right amount of sales tax from your customers.

That’s why we’re happy to announce that Stripe merchants can now use TaxJar SmartCalcs for all sales tax calculations. With TaxJar SmartCalcs, anyone using Stripe to accept payments online or via mobile can finally be confident that your sales tax collection is accurate and up-to-date.

This announcement adds a new layer of service to Stripe and TaxJar’s previous integration, which provided TaxJar Reports (sales tax reporting and filing) for Stripe users.

Now TaxJar truly provides an end-to-end sales tax solution for Stripe users.

Why use TaxJar SmartCalcs?

We get it. Your payments solution should collect the right amount of sales tax seamlessly, in the background, so you can get back to dealing with the profitable aspects of running your business.

But sales tax rules don’t make that easy to do. The sales tax rates in over 12,000 U.S. taxing jurisdictions often change. Plus, some states require you to charge sales tax on shipping charges while others don’t. Not to mention, states have varying “sourcing rules” meaning some states want you to charge sales tax based at your business’s address, while others want you to charge sales tax at your buyer’s address. All this complexity makes sales tax a huge administrative hassle.

There’s no need to keep up with all this complexity yourself when you can use TaxJar SmartCalcs.

SmartCalcs ensures you’re collecting the correct sales tax rate in the 12,000+ U.S. taxing jurisdictions, keeps up-to-date with ever-changing state rules, and gives you the confidence to know you’re collecting the right amount of sales tax every time.

Who Should Use Stripe + TaxJar SmartCalcs?

Hundreds of thousands of businesses use Stripe to power their online business – but until now, they haven’t had an easy way to automatically calculate tax for each sale. If you’re a Stripe user, the new integration between Stripe and TaxJar SmartCalcs makes your life much simpler. When you use Stripe to accept payments from your customers, you can now count on TaxJar SmartCalcs from TaxJar to ensure you’re also collecting the right amount of sales tax on each transaction. This is especially useful if you’re using Stripe Relay to sell inside third-party apps (like Twitter or ProductHunt), where a quick and easy checkout experience is crucial.

Additionally, all of your Stripe transactions can seamlessly be imported into TaxJar Reports, with anywhere else you sell, for easy sales tax reporting and filing. Whether you’re selling with Shopify, Amazon or others, TaxJar Reports automatically pulls together all of your sales and provides you with sales tax-return ready reports for each state and taxing jurisdiction. TaxJar will even AutoFile your sales tax returns for you to take sales tax completely off your plate! TaxJar Reports starts at just $19/month for up to 1,000 transactions.

We invite Stripe users to try TaxJar SmartCalcs with a free, no-risk 30-day TaxJar trial.

You can also find out more about using TaxJar SmartCalcs with Stripe here. Have questions or something to say? Contact us at or start the conversation in the comments!

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