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Automatically File your Sales Tax Returns in Every State with TaxJar AutoFile

by Jennifer Dunn

TaxJar AutoFile States July 2017 and beyond

Last updated July 1, 2017

At TaxJar, we understand that anything that takes you away from the business of running your business is costing you money. That’s why we now AutoFile your sales tax returns for you in every U.S. state!

If you file sales tax in any of the following states, enroll in AutoFile today and let us take this complicated task off your hands. AutoFile costs an additional fee per filing.

Ready to go? Here’s a short video tutorial on how to enroll in AutoFile:

  • Michael

    When Arizona simplification occurs will u be able to add Arizona to the Autofile list?

  • Shaner


    Just a couple quick question for you if that’s ok?

    If I sell on Amazon FBA and Amazon FBA only, I’m only required to register for sales tax in the states where Amazon have a warehouse that will house my stock, right?

    If that’s correct, if I sell to a state where Amazon FBA don’t have a warehouse, I just charge the sales tax from where I’m selling it, is that correct or do I have to charge sales tax to the state I’m selling to? For example, let’s say that I have stock in Nevada in the Amazon warehouse and I sell to a customer in Colorado (no Amazon warehouse there), do I charge the sales tax for Nevada or do I have something to pay in Colorado as well?

    Apologies for this, I’m about to setup on Amazon FBA and wish to use Taxjar also. I’m living in Europe so I’m a little clueless as to how the sales tax works.

    Finally, the autofile from taxjar, the $19.99 per filing, if you’re filing to 25 states each month for me will that mean that I owe you $499.75 per month? Or are many of these states annual filings?

    Apologies again and thanks for your advice.

    All the best,


  • Shaner

    Oh, I’ve one more question, apologies. If I need to register for let’s say 5 different states to collect sales tax, living in Europe but housing my stock in these five states, is it free to register in each state? If not, what sort of money are we looking at? I can’t find anywhere on the web to register to collect this sales tax as a seller. Would Taxjar be able to provide me with these links when I sign up?

    Thanks again.


  • Amr

    When will Arizona be available ?

  • Arizona is on our list but we don’t have a timetable for it yet. We’ll definitely make a huge announcement when it’s available.

  • Hi There,

    Do you mean how do you register for a sales tax permit? You can find a list of how to register for a sales tax permit in each FBA state here. I hope this helps!

  • Hi Shaner,

    1.) You only have to collect sales tax in states where you have sales tax nexus. If you don’t have sales tax nexus in Colorado, then you don’t have to collect sales tax from that customer.

    2.) How often you file sales tax depends the frequency each state assigns to you. Some states may want to hear from your quarterly, others may want to hear from you annually. I highly recommend checking our our Amazon Sales Tax Guide over at for more answers to your questions. You’re also free to ask here or on our Facebook page, Sales Tax for eCommerce Sellers:

    Good luck with your business!

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  • Janine

    When will VA & TX be added to the Auto-File system?

    • Hi Janine,

      We don’t have a specific date yet but will make a huge announcement as soon as we do!

  • Margaret Reynolds

    Hi Taxjar, we are a Canadian company that will soon be shipping products to FBA centers in the US. We will be signing up for Taxjar when we go live. I really like the idea of your auto file service, is that available for companies outside the States? We want to be sure we stay compliant.

    • Hi there,

      AutoFile is available to anybody with a U.S. based bank account. I hope this helps!

      • Margaret Reynolds

        not really, in order to keep things clean for income tax purposes we can’t have bank accounts within the states. I guess we will use Taxjar as far as we can and then submit manually. thank you for getting back to me.

  • We’ll definitely make a huge announcement when AutoFile opens up internationally. Until then, TaxJar’s reporting feature will do everything to get you ready to file except submit the returns themselves. Always feel free to contact if we can help you further!

  • California would be fantastic

    • Hi Stephanie, Watch this space. Coming soon!

  • ernesto

    What do I do with FBA states that taxer is not active? do I just file on my own?

  • It’s Bitcoin Time

    Arizona, Texas and Washington please!

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