Square TaxJar

Connect Your Square Account to TaxJar

by Mark Faggiano

square sales taxWe’ve said before that we want to eliminate sales tax compliance for all small businesses, and we’re thrilled to announce our next step forward to making that happen. Now, small business owners using Square can send all of their sales and tax data to TaxJar to get the same time-saving, automated sales tax reporting enjoyed by users of other platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, and more.

Why Square?

Millions of small businesses use Square. It’s one of the fastest growing payment platforms with multi-channel retailers. Our customers have requested  this integration to simplify their process of multi-channel sales tax compliance and filing. And now, importing Square sales data into TaxJar empowers merchants with automated sales tax information for all of their channels in one report instead of manually pulling data for every platform.

Sales Tax Reporting Made Simple

Like all of our previous integrations, we worked really hard with Square to make sure users of Square or TaxJar could easily get their accounts integrated together. It only takes seconds to connect the accounts and then just minutes until you see your first set of local reports (here’s what we do for Washington tax payers, for example) that make sales tax filing so easy.

TaxJar is free to try for 30 days. And our pricing is dead simple. We don’t have contracts or hidden activation or cancellation fees. We don’t harass you with annoying sales calls as your business grows and you need to upgrade your account. Our trial is so free we don’t even ask for a credit card. So try out TaxJar and let us know what you think!

Start your 30 day free trial of TaxJar. No credit card required.

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