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Automatically Add a Local Sales Tax Rate to Square

by Mark Faggiano

Square Automatic Sales Tax Lookups

One of Square Register’s handiest features is the fact that you can bring the point of sale with you and sell from anywhere. It’s all pretty simple. But what happens when you’re selling in a new location and aren’t sure about the sales tax rate?

That’s where TaxJar’s new automatic location-based sales tax rates lookup feature comes in handy. Now Square customers can find out the sales tax rate right where you’re standing, all from your device.

Here’s how:

You need to have a TaxJar account, which you can install from the “Apps” tab in the Square Dashboard.

Once you’re on your TaxJar dashboard, you should see a link at the upper right that says “Add a new tax for me at Square.” (If you’re on a mobile web browser, you’ll see a button that says “Add rate to Square” like the below.)

Add Tax Rate to Square TaxJar

Once you click on that link, you’ll see a message similar to the below:

Square TaxJar Location Based Sales Tax

Approve this request, and we’ll use the location provided by your browser to look up the local tax rate.  Then, you’ll see the interface below:

Sales Tax by Location Square

Click ‘Save to Square’ and we’ll create the tax rate for you (results below) so you can apply it to your items and charge the correct sales tax.

Square TaxJar Sales tax detection

That’s it! You’re all done. You can create another Square sales tax rate or just go about your business.

We hope this feature will exponentially simplify your life as you use your Square reader on-the-go. Do you have any questions about automatic location-based sales tax lookups with Square and TaxJar?  Start the conversation in the comments!

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  • ellen

    hi – I just went to the square dashboard (using my laptop), connected to taxjar and successfully added it. However, it’s not apparent that I could do this on the fly with just my mobile device. How would I add a sales tax on my iPhone once i’m at the location (i.e. i didn’t do add it in advance). Cheers and thanks, Ellen

  • Hi Ellen,

    Would you email so we can help you troubleshoot this? Thank you so much!

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  • Samantha Ceron

    What do you do when you have a jurisdiction (like Scottsdale AZ) that charges for food sales even though the county and state do not charge for these sales. You have other sales in Litchfield Park, Tucson, and other jurisdictions which are tax exempt.

    • Hi Samantha, You can add different tax rates for certain items. I recommend contacting Square Support if you have trouble with that! Sorry we can’t help further on the Square front. But if you have any sales tax questions, we’re here to help!

  • Susan D

    We are selling food items as well as non-food items in Virginia. I am trying to set up Square for different localities (Northern VA has different tax rate on general sales only). Can I use this location-based service and still have it apply the appropriate taxes to the food versus non-food items in a given locality?

    • Hi Susan,

      I double checked with our dev team, and you would just need to enter them as separate locations. Ex: That location with a 7% sales tax for taxable items. And that location with a 0% sales tax for non-taxable items. Let me know if you have any further questions!

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