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Cyber Monday: A Retailer’s 30-Day Marketing Plan of Action

by Jennifer Dunn

Magento Springbot

Last week I had a great time networking and hobnobbing at the Southeast Magento Meetup.  The event was hosted by our friends at Atlanta-based eCommerce marketing platform Springbot. Springbot is an integrated marketing platform that helps online sellers make smart, data-driven decisions about internet marketing.

In the spirit of the season, their CTO and Co-Founder, Joe Reger, gave a great presentation for online sellers who aren’t 100% sure you’re doing everything you can to ramp up for Cyber Monday. Tips include:

  • How to strategically ramp up your social media advertising budget
  • How to make the most out of coupon codes
  • When and how to send triggered emails for the best results

Heads up, some of the tips in this presentation are aimed especially at Magento sellers, but any online product sellers can learn a lot!

Click here to check out Springbot’s “30-Day Cyber Monday Marketing Plan of Action.”

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