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Is Shipping Taxable in South Carolina?

by Mark Faggiano

South Carolina Shipping Taxability

Sales tax is complicated, and one of the more complicated aspects of dealing with sales tax is determining whether you should charge sales tax on the shipping amounts that you charge to your customers. Today we’ll look at sales tax on shipping in South Carolina.

Is Shipping Taxable in South Carolina?

Here’s what the South Carolina Department of Revenue has to say about sales tax on shipping charges:

South Carolina delivery charges taxable

This is a whole lot of legalese, but in short, if you – the seller – pay to ship the item then you should charge sales tax to the buyer based on the price of the item. I.e. If you’re an online seller and you pay UPS to send the goods to the buyer, charge sales tax on shipping. On the other hand, if the buyer arranges a shipping method, then the seller wouldn’t charge sales tax on shipping. (Which, to us, makes perfect sense, since it doesn’t appear that the seller would be involved in that transaction!)

Summary of Sales Tax on Shipping in South Carolina

In a nutshell, most online sellers should charge sales tax on shipping charges to customers in South Carolina.

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