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Is Shipping Taxable in Missouri?

by Mark Faggiano

Missouri Shipping Taxability

Updated January 12, 2018

Important to note: Starting August 28, 2017 separately stated shipping charges will no longer be taxable in Missouri. 

Sales tax is one of the most tiresome aspects of being a small business owner. When to charge, how much to charge, where to remit it – these questions only grow more confusing as each state creates their own regulations to follow. One question in particular, is whether to charge sales tax on shipping and handling. Today, we will see how the great state of Missouri answers that for its business owners.

Is Shipping Taxable in Missouri?

Here’s what the Missouri Department of Revenue in the Show-Me State shows us:

Are shipping charges taxable in Missouri?

The above is the text of SB16, which starting August 28, 2017, declared that shipping charges were no longer taxable in Missouri. We go over these changes to Missouri shipping taxability in more depth here.

In Summary:

If you sell online and charge for shipping, you will most likely not need to charge sales tax on the shipping charge.

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