Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews: Understanding the Difference

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Seller Feedback and Product Reviews

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Seller feedback and product reviews play an important role in the success or failure of any third party seller who sells items in the Amazon marketplace. But if you are new to selling on Amazon, you might find that these two terms can be tricky to differentiate. Because both of these metrics have such a big impact on the health of your Amazon business, it is a good idea to be sure you clearly understand the difference between the two as well as how each affects your business.

Seller Feedback: What it Is

Seller feedback is information that a customer provides about their purchasing experience and you as a seller — essentially it is a grade that the customer gives you, separate from their opinions of the products that you sell. Customers can give seller feedback in the form of a star rating of one to five stars in addition to any written comments they want to provide to explain their rating. A seller’s average seller feedback score is listed next to their name in their Amazon seller profile.

Seller Feedback: Why it Matters

Seller Feedback Can Win You — or Cost You — Sales

If your seller feedback is good, a customer will not hesitate to purchase from you. On the other hand, negative seller feedback might cause a customer to decide to buy from one of your competitors in order to avoid a less-than-stellar customer experience. Amazon also uses your seller feedback score as a factor in determining whether or not you win the buy box for your product. If you are looking to get the maximum possible sales volume for your product, winning the buy box is a must.

Negative Seller Feedback Can Get You Suspended

To say that Amazon values the customer experience would be an understatement. Customer experience is everything to Amazon, and because of this they closely monitor the performance metrics of their third party sellers to make sure that the customer experience lives up to their incredibly high standards. And Amazon is serious about this — if you get enough negative seller feedback, your Amazon account can actually be suspended.

In light of how serious Amazon is about negative feedback, be sure to familiarize yourself with Amazon’s seller feedback policy. According to this policy, any seller feedback that includes the following is subject to removal:

  • Promotional content
  • Obscene or abusive language
  • Personal information
  • Product reviews

So, if you receive any negative seller feedback that is in violation of Amazon’s seller feedback policy, you can reach out to Amazon and attempt to have the feedback removed.

Product Review: What It Is

A product review is just what the name suggests — a customer’s opinions and overall impression of a product they have purchased. Product reviews are strictly related to the actual product purchased, and not the process of purchasing the product as it relates to shipping, customer service, or the purchasing experience in general. Customers can leave a product review between one and five stars, along with any written feedback they want to provide to support their score.

Product Review: Why It Matters

Product Reviews Can Win You — or Cost You — Sales

The quantity and quality of product reviews is one of the biggest factors in driving sales for your products. The higher your average product review and the greater the number of reviews, the more likely a customer will choose to purchase your product over the competition. If you are serious about beating out the competition to win sales, then focusing on product reviews should be a top priority for your business.  

Product Reviews Give the Seller Valuable Insight into the Customer’s Opinion

By closely reviewing the written comments in your product reviews, you can become aware of any trends in opinion — positive or negative — and use that information in a strategic way to improve your product and increase your sales. For example, you may notice that many customers are complaining about the same issue with your product over and over again, and based on this feedback you might decide to make changes to the product for future orders in attempt to better meet the expectations of your customers. Or, there may be a clear trend that emerges around a favorite feature of your product, and from this feedback you might find an opportunity to more strongly emphasize this feature in your product description, advertising, or packaging copy.

If you closely monitor your product reviews you can also play an active role in responding to any negative product reviews that you might receive. Maybe the customer is confused about how to use your product, or has misunderstood an important feature and you can provide them with helpful information that resolves their problem. Or, maybe there is just a one-off issue with quality and you can offer to replace the faulty product for free. Whatever the problem might be, directly responding to the issue can help you in two potential ways; when you go above and beyond to fix the problem, it is possible that the customer might choose to change their review, or at a minimum, your comments can add helpful context for future customers who are considering whether or not to allow a single negative product review to impact their purchasing decision.

There are also instances where a customer might mistakenly leave seller feedback in the form of a product review. This is actually against Amazon’s product review policy and if you run into any instances of this you can submit a request for Amazon to remove the product review.

Using Salesbacker to Increase Product Reviews

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