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by Jennifer Dunn

A lot is happening in the world of sales tax right now. States are offering taxpayers extensions on reporting and filing due to COVID-19. Marketplaces, like Patreon, are jumping on the sales tax collection bandwagon. And with the two year anniversary of South Dakota v. Wayfair coming up next month, many states are getting serious about finding (and auditing) non-compliant eCommerce businesses.

Every Thursday is Sales Tax Thursday

Join us every Thursday at 1pm ET/10am PT at our Sales Tax Community on Facebook for Sales Tax Thursdays.

We’ll discuss common questions, like “When do I collect sales tax when selling food?” and big news, like “What does Patreon collecting sales tax mean for creators?”

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What happens on Sales Tax Thursday?

At TaxJar we monitor sales tax news affecting eCommerce sellers so you don’t have to! Check out a couple of recent Sales Tax Thursdays:

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Bring your Questions

We’ll post weekly topics in the Sales Tax Community a few days in advance, so be sure to bring your questions.  We’re happy to answer general questions or dig into a topic. And while TaxJar can’t provide one-on-one consultation specific to your business, we can usually point you to a state resource or a sales tax pro who can help.

See you on Thursdays!

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