Refer-A-Friend to TaxJar and get a Free AutoFile

by Mark Faggiano

In case you missed it, we recently announced that TaxJar can now AutoFile your sales tax returns in every state with a sales tax. Do you find Texas filing too taxing? Or do you want to wash Washington right out of your hair? Now, TaxJar will take care of filing all of your unwanted sales tax returns for you.

We’ve gotten great feedback from our customers about AutoFile, so we wanted to make it easier for you to share the love with your friends and colleagues. After all, friends don’t let friends waste hours filing sales tax returns.

So without further ado….Introducing, the TaxJar Refer-a-Friend Program – a simple way for customer to earn free AutoFiles by sharing the AutoFile love with friends and colleagues.

Refer a friend TaxJar

How simple is the TaxJar Refer-a-Friend program? This is all you need to do…

1. Login to your TaxJar Dashboard

2. Click the link that says “Get a Free AutoFile!”

Free TaxJar AutoFile

3. Use your Offer Code

Clicking the “Get a Free AutoFile!” link will create a unique offer code that you can share with your friends. Share it via social or through email with your friends through our easy sharing platform.

4. Watch the free AutoFiles roll in!

When a friend signs up as a paying TaxJar customer, you’ll automatically be credited the price of one AutoFile within 1-5 days. (Keep in mind that TaxJar has a 30-day free trial, so your friend may use some of their trial before they become a paying TaxJar customer.)

Best of all, your friend gets a free AutoFile, too!

Do you have questions about TaxJar’s Refer-a-Friend program? Start the conversation in the comments!

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