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Interactive Demo: Try the TaxJar API for Yourself

by Jennifer Dunn

What you want from your sales tax engine is simple: collect the right amount of sales tax from customers every time.

But the states, with their over 15,000 taxing jurisdictions and arcane rules about taxability can make this needlessly difficult! That’s where TaxJar’s Sales Tax API comes in. Unlike other sales tax engines, the Sales Tax API takes all taxability rules into account so merchants and developers only need to install and configure it once.

See for yourself! Check out our interactive TaxJar API Demo to see how we handle complex sales tax issues for your shopping cart or marketplace:

TaxJar Sales Tax API

Trying out the different scenarios in this demo you can see how the TaxJar API:

  • Calculates sales tax accurately at the state, county, city and other “special taxing district” levels
  • Handles sourcing rules like origin and destination-based sales tax
  • Deals with product taxability, like the complicated New York clothing exemption
  • Accounts for shipping taxability (i.e. some states require you to charge sales tax on shipping charges, others don’t)
  • Provides international support – the TaxJar API supports the EU and Canada with more areas coming soon

Want a look under the hood? Check out Building the TaxJar API Demo from our Developer Evangelist Jake Johnson.

The TaxJar API could power your eCommerce store. Ready to automate sales tax? To learn more about TaxJar and get started, visit

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