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Recap of the First Amazon Boost FBA Event

by Lizzy Greenburg

Boost FBA Event Amazon TaxJar Sponsor

Earlier this week, we were thrilled to sponsor Amazon’s first Boost with FBA event in New York City.  We spent the day of fun and learning among representatives from Amazon, and thousands of sellers all ready to take their FBA businesses to the next level.

The event started the night before with a dinner at TAO Downtown in Chelsea. Amazon graciously hosted the pre-event networking hour for the Boost conference-goers in the amazing and unique space. In every corner of the space, there was a friendly face of an Amazonian, an Amazon partner, or a FBA seller looking to take their business to the next level. We really enjoyed our conversation with customers, prospective customers and everyone we met at this exciting (and delicious) kickoff party.


The following day’s programming included talks from Amazonians on topics like Amazon Sponsored Products, managing your inventory, and using Amazon to take your business global. While we were busy answering questions about TaxJar at our booth, we heard the content was both informative and exciting!

As one of the three non-Amazon sponsors of the event, we were thrilled to be in great company and really enjoyed getting to know the teams that run the exciting businesses behind:

While the content was helpful for sellers to learn about the newest offerings from Amazon, many sellers told us they found it most helpful to attend the office hours and speaking events for the 1:1 time after. We heard from many attendees that they were thrilled to be able to ask their questions in-person and get answers directly from the folks at Amazon.

We were busy, busy, busy, answering questions from thousands of sellers getting started or stepping up their automation with sales tax. To recap, here are the top 5 questions FBA sellers asked us at this event:

Top 5 Sales Tax Questions from Amazon Boost

What do I need to do about sales tax & how does TaxJar help?

Sales tax is complex, but we’ve broken it down into bite-sized pieces in our Sales Tax Guide for Amazon FBA Sellers.

TaxJar connects with your Amazon account (and the other shopping carts and marketplaces where you sell) and AutoFiles your sales tax returns for you, so you never have to worry about filling out convoluted state sales tax forms or missing a deadline and paying late fees. (Want to use TaxJar’s data to file your sales tax returns yourself? Our return-ready reports help with that, too.)

If you’re spending too much time on sales tax, try a 30-day free TaxJar trial and put a lid on sales tax.

How much money should I be making before I comply with sales tax laws?

In nearly every state, you are required by law to register for a sales tax permit as soon as you make your first sale. However, there may be a point where you want to begin collecting. You can find some guidance in our When to Register for a Sales Tax Permit blog post and accompanying whitepaper.

Wait! I thought Amazon was collecting sales tax for me automatically? collects sales tax on their own sales, but what many sellers are surprised to find out, is that sales tax collection for third party sellers (aka FBA sellers) is your own responsibility.

That’s right, but collection is only the first part of the process. Once you set up sales tax collection through Amazon, you are still required to report how much sales tax you collected and file your sales tax returns to the state.

This is a lot easier if you’ve set up your Amazon sales tax collection settings correctly. Check out our quick video tutorial if you need help getting started:

I don’t know where Amazon sends my inventory. They don’t tell me! How can I be responsible for that?

Though it’s not very easy to find, Amazon shows you where they store your inventory in the Inventory Event Detail Report. TaxJar will also show you the states from where we see Amazon shipping your products to customers.  Just look for the brown badge next to a state. (Amazon makes you go day-by-day to see where your inventory was stored, so TaxJar’s feature is quite a bit easier to use.)

Does TaxJar file sales tax returns in every state?

Yes! With TaxJar, you truly never have to look at a sales tax return again. We’ll file your sales tax returns for you in 1 state, or every state with an Amazon fulfillment center. Let us file your sales tax returns for you so you can get back to running your FBA business.

Enroll in AutoFile today

Overall, we had a great time engaging with customers and sellers from around the country. A big thank you to the FBA marketing team and the folks at MKTG for putting on great event for the FBA community.

Start your 30 day free trial of TaxJar. No credit card required.

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