Peeling Back the Lid on TaxJar’s Award-Winning Customer Support

by Courtney Touchstone

The TaxJar team at JarFest 11 in Savannah, GA.

Delivering a great customer experience is at the heart of everything we do here at TaxJar. It’s a big part of how we’ve managed to grow to over 20,000 customers with a team of less than 200 people. Recently, we were honored to receive two customer experience awards from G2: Best Support and Best Relationship, earning the highest Quality of Support and Relationship ratings in our industry category. 

Here’s what a few of our customers had to say about their experience with TaxJar’s customer support:

TaxJar customer service/tech support reps are amazing. Everyone I’ve dealt with is friendly, professional, and really invested in not only helping customers, but helping them learn as well.”

“Unlike the services I had before, TaxJar was created with a very straightforward, user friendly on-boarding process so setting up my various state sales tax accounts was easy and when a problem was discovered, their explanation of what went wrong and the steps required to fix it were clear, complete and easy to follow.”

Today, we’re doing something a little different on our blog and showcasing exactly how we’ve built the #1 support team in the sales tax industry. At TaxJar, providing an excellent customer experience is the most important thing we do. Our success in customer support comes down to three main factors: strong core values, the right people and great customer support tools. 

Core Values

You’ll hear this across all of our teams, but we truly live by our company’s core values. To build an exceptional customer support experience, we started by defining the core value that will guide the team in everything we do: “At TaxJar, we do the right thing for our customers.”

How does this core value come to life in our customer interactions on a daily basis? It means we listen to and value our customers’ feedback. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. Finally, our customers are valued and we show them they are important to us. Using this core value as our “North Star” for customer support ensures our customer interactions are always genuinely helpful and friendly.

The Right People

This is, perhaps, the most important part of building an award-winning customer success team: finding the right people who are dedicated to living by TaxJar’s core values and providing the highest level of service and support to our customers. At TaxJar, we look for a handful of traits when hiring new team members. 

First and foremost is empathy. We want our team members to be able to put themselves in the shoes of our customers, understand their pain points and empathize with their frustrations. When you work with us, you will understand that we truly care. 

“Listen to your customersempathize, and then personalize and get creative to find solution-oriented actions!” – Aisha Ford, Director of Support and Enablement

We look for people who get excited about problem solving, pay attention to the details and anticipate questions that a customer may have in the future. Our ideal team member is someone who will passionately advocate on behalf of our customers and adds a human touch to every interaction.

“Taking the time needed to thoroughly understand the customer’s question and answer it correctly the first time is the formula for great customer satisfaction.” – Carolyn Urban, VP Customer Experience

A few team members from TaxJar’s Customer Service Organization.

Great Support Tools 

At TaxJar, the third piece of our outstanding customer support comes down to having the right tools in place that help facilitate exceptional customer support experiences. For example, we recently unveiled our newest customer experience tool, TaxJar Unlocked, a learning system that is available to any TaxJar customer. In TaxJar Unlocked, customers can find content around everything from the basics of sales tax to setting up their TaxJar account. Sales tax can be complicated and overwhelming, but tools like these help explain these nuances to customers in simple terms and ultimately contribute to a positive experience. 

“TaxJar Unlocked is an excellent resource for our customers who are new to the world of sales tax.  Providing customers with training and courses that explain the basics of sales tax and TaxJar results in more educated customers and a better experience.” -Tiffanie Linkin, Enablement Manager

In addition to TaxJar Unlocked, our support team maintains a thorough library of support documentation in a knowledge base that is updated on a daily basis. We know that the majority of customers simply want to find the answer quickly and get on with their work, so we empower our customers with tools for self-service problem solving. 

As you can see, award-winning customer support isn’t rocket science. It just takes attention to detail, empathy, the right people and tools grounded in the company value of doing the right thing for the customer. 

Read more about our customer-first approach here. 

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