An Open Letter to Our 15,000 Customers

by Mark Faggiano

I couldn’t be more excited to share that TaxJar now supports more than 15 thousand customers every month.

It seems like just yesterday we were announcing our 10K customer milestone, and a little more than a year later we find ourselves here again. Rapid growth is an exciting and challenging phase of a company’s development. While we’re humbled to have made it this far, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this year and how our team’s focus on our set of shared values has taken us farther than we ever could have imagined.

If you had told me six years ago (while eating some fish tacos) that we’d eventually get to 15,000 customers, I would have called you crazy.  If you told me this a few years later as the TaxJar team began to form, I would have told you that I’d bet the whole house we’d get there faster than you’d think.  

Why? I’ve been fortunate to see first-hand that when you bring together amazingly talented people that are unified under a shared mission, values and purpose, that the sky is the limit.  Looking back on the past year, here is how our team has lived our core values and how we’re committed to doing so far beyond 15,000. 

We Do the Right Thing for Our Customers

We know our customers are our greatest asset, so we do everything we can to listen to them closely.  We do the right thing when we make mistakes, we’re always working on ways to improve our service and experience. We treat every single customer with the respect they deserve.

As we look towards the future, TaxJar is more than ever committed to the success of our customers. We’ll continue to listen. We’ll continue to ask for your feedback and support. And we’ll continue to be honest and transparent with you.  We’ll do all of this to continue to earn your trust and your business and we don’t take either for granted.

We promise to remain the most-loved sales tax solution for your business and the best resource for sales tax on the internet. In return we hope you’ll be right by our side as we hit our 20K, 30K and 100K milestones together.

We’re a Team, Built on Trust

It may sound simple, but I’ve learned this is undeniably true. And it’s been put to the test as we doubled the TaxJar team this year.

I’ve always believed that if you gather a team that is passionate about the work to be done and trust them to do great things you won’t be disappointed.  I am blown away every day by our fully-remote team and what we can and have accomplished together. I know that each person on our team has trusted and relied on other teammates to play their part in delivering the best product and experience to our customers.

As we’ve doubled in size, our trust in each other has remained the same. And it has been a huge part of leading us to this 15K milestone, together.  

We’re Proud to be 100% Remote

From the outside, folks are always surprised to learn about our unique culture and distributed working style that spans time zones and geography. But inside, I’m reminded each day how this choice has given us a unique advantage.

Over the past year we’ve learned how to communicate more effectively with each other across teams while respecting a healthy balance of work and personal time.  We’ve learned how to work better asynchronously, and we are improving the way we collaborate, discuss and make decisions.

We’re still committed to being the best remote company in the world. You won’t find us sitting in morning rush hour shouting at the cars ahead. Instead you’ll find us on zoom sharing stories, or spending time with the kids before school, or taking a morning hike with our furry little friends before the day starts.  Yes, some will continue to say it’s unique, but it works for us and it’s not changing as we continue to grow the business. So come join us!

We’re in Control of our Own Destiny

The last of our core values is about setting our business up for future success. While it’s true that we’ve made decisions along our journey that have led us to financial freedom and profitability, we’ve also made technology decisions that have allowed us to control the future of how we build and improve our product.

As many of you know, 2018 was a wild year for sales tax. The South Dakota vs. Wayfair Supreme Court decision made a rippling change in how US states define nexus, and our service and technology was put to the test. Our customers looked to us to see how we would support them through these changes and we rose to the challenge.

I’m proud to say that we were more than prepared for these changes.  Instead of spending time re-writing our software or figuring out a 3rd party to help us, we were able to make adjustments in-house to address the changes and continue to ship new features to customers. We are the first and only service to provide an automated economic nexus tool called the Sales & Transactions Checker which has helped thousands of businesses see where they stand in just a few clicks.

We know the sales tax landscape will continue to change as it always has. We’ll keep making the smart choices on how we design our software with the highest quality standards. When the next wave of change comes, we’ll be ready to provide value to customers and won’t need to play catch-up for any shortcuts we may have taken along the way. That’s not the TaxJar way.

In closing, we are humbled and thankful for each and every business, developer and CPA that trusts TaxJar each month to save hours on their sales tax.  We’re on a mission to make eCommerce easier for everyone, and we’re truly grateful that we’ve been able to do that for 15,000 customers so far. 

15 thousand thank you’s,

Mark Faggiano,

TaxJar CEO

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