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Have Your Online Cart and PayPal, Too

by Kevin Reeth

PayPal Shopping Cart Duplicate Fix

A number of TaxJar customers have been in a tricky situation.

Until yesterday, if you were a TaxJar customer who sold on a platform that accepted payments through PayPal – like Shopify, Bigcommerce or Etsy – and you wanted to integrate your shopping cart and your PayPal account with TaxJar, you had to make a tough choice.

Why was this a pain point for our customers?

The problem was that integrating both a shopping cart that accepts PayPal as a payment method and your individual PayPal account would create duplicate transactions and throw your sales tax reporting all out of whack.

Some TaxJar customers found themselves having to choose a favorite — their shopping cart or PayPal. You get better and more detailed data if you integrate your shopping cart with TaxJar. But many sellers sell on multiple platforms and often PayPal is their one common denominator when it comes to accepting payments.

Either way you chose, as an online seller you had to manually upload at least part of your data to TaxJar. And for a company who’s mission is to free you from sales tax pain forever, that just wouldn’t do.

Integrate your Shopping Cart AND PayPal… With No Duplicates

Great news! Our developers created and deployed a way for you to integrate both your shopping cart of choice and PayPal with no duplicate transactions.

You no longer have to choose which payment method to integrate, and you’ll never experience any duplicate transactions with TaxJar. When we see a transaction come in from a shopping cart that also accepts PayPal, we’ll always choose to pull in only the transaction from the shopping cart because that transaction tends to have more information.

This new feature will make it just that much easier for online sellers to completely automate their sales tax compliance and never worry about sales tax. Ever.

Do you have questions or comments about this new feature? Start the conversation in the comments.

  • Susie

    I would love it if this worked because I have three shopping carts that all use Paypal. But it doesn’t. Not any fault of Taxjar, but because Paypal doesn’t integrate properly with my shopping cart. In my case I’m using ZenCart and I have product total, shipping, and sales tax all broken out. But in the Paypal transaction, it’s all lumped together.

    Here’s one of my recent sales:

    In ZenCart:

    Product total: $47.45
    Shipping: $8.35
    Sales tax: $2.85

    In Paypal:

    Gross: 58.65
    Shipping: 0
    Sales tax: 0

    So linking my Paypal account to TaxJar doesn’t help at all because Taxjar thinks there was no sales tax collected, and that the product total is higher than it was.

    I have to import from all three carts instead of just from one Paypal account.

  • Hi Susie,

    We do integrate with Shopify, Bigcommerce and Magento but not ZenCart yet. That said, we’re collecting feature requests from users like you so will upvote ZenCart on that list. Thanks for letting us know what you’re facing.

  • Susie

    Well, it looks like it’s a problem on my end. Other people using Paypal say it does correctly break out sales tax.

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