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Which NFL Fans Pay the Most Sales Tax?

by Mark Faggiano

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Given the big game coming up this Sunday and our obsession with all things sales tax, we started wondering: who are the luckiest fans when it comes to taking in a game at a stadium? Who pays the most sales tax and who pays the least?

We used TaxJar’s Sales Tax Calculator to track the sales tax rate at all the NFL stadiums. Are you a lucky fan who pays low sales tax? Or one of the unluckiest fans who pays over 10%? Find out!

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The Green Bay Packers
While Packers fans may not exactly feel lucky this year (sorry, that was rough),  they are lucky when it comes to one thing – the sales tax they pay to enjoy themselves at the Frozen Tundra. With just 5.5% sales tax in Green Bay, Packers fans can attend a game with very little tax added.

The Middle of the Pack

Most teams fall between 6 and 9%. Here are some worth highlighting.

The Washington RedskinsDetroit Lions and Baltimore Ravens all enjoy a relatively low 6% sales tax on purchases at FedEx Field, Ford Field and M&T Bank Stadium respectively.

Fans of Super Bowl contenders the New England Patriots pay a mere 6.25% sales tax at Gillette Stadium. If this year’s Super Bowl were based on sales tax rates, it would be no contest.

Eight percent is the other most frequent sales tax rate that NFL fans pay. Fans of the San Diego ChargersPhiladelphia EaglesDallas CowboysCleveland BrownsCarolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons can all expect to pay 8% when catching a game.

Super Bowl attendees at the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals, will pay 9.20% this year for their memorabilia.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, if they were attending a home game, Seattle Seahawks fans would pay a whopping 9.5% in sales tax (though they’re still not the unluckiest fans.)

Kansas City Chiefs fans are the second unluckiest fans in the NFL. When attending a game at Arrowhead stadium, they pay 9.72% in sales tax. Ouch!

Bring Your Own Cap!

The St. Louis Rams
The NFL’s unluckiest fans pay nearly double what the luckiest fans pay. Sales tax adds 10.68% to every purchase at Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. Yikes, it’s expensive to be NFL fan in the Midwest.

How did your team stack up? If sales tax rates are any indication, then it’s going to be a clear win for New England on Sunday. Who do you think is going to win the big game?

  • Jasper Edwards

    I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan, so I guess we’re in the middle.

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