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The New Age of eCommerce Shipping

by Jennifer Dunn

Save Money eCommerce Shipping

This guest post is brought to us by Aimee Cruz from our friends at ShipHawk

 With the convenience of online shopping, it is no surprise that the number of online purchases and online vendors has skyrocketed. Several factors have contributed to this explosive growth, but one of the most important factors is fast, inexpensive shipping. Customers can now receive a product from around the world with the click of a button.  They can see when it will arrive or even choose a convenient time to receive it.

These advancements have created unique challenges for online sellers. In order to meet the ever-growing demand of online shopping, online and omnichannel vendors are now leveraging new technologies that support shipping automation.

What is Shipping Automation?

Automation refers to making a system or process automatic. With automation, complex tasks can be simplified, reducing errors, human intervention, and the failures that are the natural byproduct of manual systems. For example, tax calculation automation removes the laborious process of tax calculation  and guarantees  accurate and quick tax calculations. This type of automation delivers immediate hard dollar savings.

Shipping automation includes accurate rating, carrier selection, packing optimization, label and bill of lading printing, dispatch, tracking and reconciliation.  Because shipping is frequently a seller’s second most expensive cost after cost of goods, the hard and soft dollar savings realized by leveraging shipping automation can be significant.

What Can Shipping Automation Do?

  • Identify the Best Rates:
    • Accurate multi-carrier, multi-mode carrier selection makes sure the right carrier is consistently selected for each unique order.
    • Packing optimization automatically configures the order, identifies proper packaging (indicating the optimal box), and produces real time labor cost calculations.
  • Provide Documentation and Dispatch of Your Products
    • When the order is complete, the corresponding shipment is booked and dispatched from its point of origin with shipping labels and Bills of Lading that are automatically generated based on complete order details leaving no room for errors.
  • Easy Tracking
    • No matter which carrier is selected, customers see a complete picture of the order status in a beautiful, on-brand tracking page. This proactive customer communication reduces Customer Service calls and increases post-purchase Net Promoter Scores.
  • Reconciliation
    • Any discrepancies between quotes and bills can be flagged so the problem can be resolved quickly and all costs and service levels can be verified. Real-time performance data is never more than a click away.

How Automation Is Revolutionizing Shipping

Shipping automation is playing a key role in restructuring the industry. Automation is allowing shippers to save money by eliminating the friction and manual processes between shippers, carriers and customers.  Buyers are accessing accurate shipping rates – up front – and getting complete transparency with every shipment, which increases the probability of repeat purchases. Shipping automation is a win-win-win.

About ShipHawk:

ShipHawk is a modern, Transportation Management System (TMS) dedicated to helping omnichannel retailers, manufacturers, and distributors run data-driven, automated supply chains. To learn more about their unique platform visit

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