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TaxJar’s SmartCalcs Sales Tax API Now Supports Multi-State Nexus

by Mark Faggiano

Sales Tax Nexus

One of the most requested features from our SmartCalcs sales tax API customers has been support for multi-state nexus. We’re happy to announce that we recently added exactly that for TaxJar API users!

Why Multi-State Nexus Matters

Many merchants have sales tax nexus, or a “presence,” in more than just the state their business is based in. Sales tax nexus occurs when a business has an office, warehouse, or employee in a state, and can even be established by acts such as using a 3rd party shipper or selling goods at a trade show. If a business has nexus in a state, they are required to register for a sales tax permit and collect sales tax from buyers in that state.

Most sales tax solutions only support nexus in one state, leaving merchants to manually deal with sales tax collection in other states where they have nexus.

TaxJar API Multi-State Nexus Support

But TaxJar API customers are in luck. You can now easily set up sales tax collection in every state and Canadian province that your business has nexus.

From your TaxJar dashboard, simply go to Account > API Access and click “Add address” in any states where you have nexus. From there, TaxJar will know that we should treat that state as a state where you need to collect and remit sales tax. We can even AutoFile sales tax for you in about half the states!

TaxJar API Multi-State Nexus

If you aren’t seeing the states where you have nexus on that list, you can set them up at Account > State Settings.

We’re happy to be able to provide this sought after feature for our API users. Have questions or something to say? Let us know in the comments!

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