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5 Reasons Magento Sellers Should Use Sales Tax Automation from TaxJar

by Mark Faggiano

Magento Sales Tax Automation TaxJar
Do you need an easier way to collect sales tax in your Magento store? Until TaxJar’s Magento sales tax plugin there was no easy way to collect sales tax from buyers, in your home state or multiple states, without risking slowing down your checkout process or breaking it altogether.

That’s why we talked to real Magento sellers and created the TaxJar Sales Tax Automation plugin with your needs in mind.  To break it down, here’s why our plugin is the best choice for your Magento store:

Installation is Simple – Developers will find installing Sales Tax Automation from TaxJar a snap. And if you’re not a developer? You’ll still find it a snap. Check out our installation video and behold how simple it is to get started automating your Magento store’s sales tax collection and reporting.  TaxJar’s extension properly configures complex sales tax rules like origin or destination-based sourcing or shipping taxability so that you don’t have to. It literally works out-of-the-box.

We Support Multi-State Nexus – As eCommerce becomes more complex, any number of factors may cause online sellers to have sales tax nexus, or “significant presence,” in more than one state. They could have an employee in another state, an additional office, or even store products in an out-of-state warehouse. Before Sales Tax Automation from TaxJar, Magento users had no good way to collect sales tax from buyers in more than one state.

It’s a simple set up, too. Click here for how to set up sales tax collection from multiple states in Magento with TaxJar.

We Won’t Break your Magento Checkout – Magento users told us time and time again that their major gripe with other sales tax automation extensions was that they slowed down or broke their checkout. Eighteen percent of customers say they’ll abandon a cart due to slowness, and up to 46% of online shoppers used website speed as an indicator of whether they would return for a second sale. Those numbers are way too high.

Even in the very unlikely chance that TaxJar suffers a delay or outage, we use backup rates so your customers are never affected.

We Automate Reporting and Filing For You – Our extension will automatically configure your Magento store’s API, including creating the proper roles and permissions, pulling in historical data, and creating the state and jurisdiction level reports that you need to file your sales tax returns. We’ll even file electronically for you with AutoFile in some states.

No Setup Fees, No Contracts, and a Totally Free Trial – We give you a completely free 30-day free trial so you can try TaxJar’s Sales Tax Automation for yourself. If you like it (and we’re pretty sure you will) there are no contracts and no hidden fees.

We also get that your store is busier in some seasons and slower in others. That’s why we’ve made it simple for you to upgrade (or downgrade) your TaxJar plan. There’s no need to call a sales person, and we’ll never push you with annoying upsells.

Don’t forget, those plans include:

  • Pull in sales tax collected from all channels you sell on
  • Create state-level, sales tax return-ready reports
  • AutoFile your sales tax returns

Click here to try Sales Tax Automation from TaxJar totally free for 30-days. No credit card required.

Have questions or comments about sales tax automation for Magento? Start the conversation in the comments.

Start your 30 day free trial of TaxJar. No credit card required.

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