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Let Us AutoFile Your Sales Tax for You

by Mark Faggiano

TaxJar AutoFile States July 2017 and beyond

You have a lot better things to do than file sales tax returns.

You could source new products, tinker with your prices, play with your kids, eat a pizza, or even watch paint dry.

So let TaxJar file your sales tax returns for you.

Why AutoFile?

AutoFile takes all the worst parts of sales tax off your plate. We will:

  • Determine how much sales tax you’ve collected
  • Slice and dice your info in the way your state wants to see it
  • File your sales tax return so you never even have to login to the state’s website
  • Remit sales tax due straight from your bank account
  • Claim any sales tax discounts to which you’re entitled

AutoFile is available in every U.S. state and costs an additional fee per filing.

How AutoFile Works

How to Enroll in AutoFile

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