Join the new TaxJar Partner Program

by Lee Hadsock

Join the TaxJar Partner Program

Hi, I’m Lee Hadsock, TaxJar’s new VP of Business Development & Partnerships. I know the title of this blog is about the new TaxJar partner program, but allow me a bit of rope here to go off on a bit of a philosophical tangent.  

Why are we here? Isn’t that a question everyone has asked themselves at least once in their life?

TaxJar has asked that of itself, and our answer is to make eCommerce easier for everyone. Sales tax compliance is a very complicated world.  It’s not sexy, it’s not easy. But unless you want the Tax Man knocking at your door, it is a very necessary evil that has to be dealt with. So that is our purpose, the reason our founders built this company. Take the complexity out of sales tax, and eCommerce, so our customers can focus on doing what they love to do.

Since 2013, TaxJar has done an incredible job of living this purpose, now making eCommerce easier for well over 10k customers. Looking forward, TaxJar’s BHAG (Big Hairy Ass Goal) is to be the #1 online sales tax solution worldwide with 100% accuracy and 100% automation.

So why am I here?  Before joining TaxJar last month, I had been running partnerships for Signifyd, which eliminates chargebacks for online sellers with their 100% guarantee against fraud. We had seen triple digit increases in partner contribution to revenue and were bringing on some of the most recognized agencies into our partner program. Everything was really good: product – check, team – check, boss – check, results – check again.

So again, why am I here?  TaxJar’s VP of Sales, Matt Grattan, wrote a blog last December about why he joined TaxJar. In it, he wrote about TaxJar’s CRO Ryan Thompson “that’s a guy I could go to battle with.” I’ve known Ryan since 2013 when he hired me at Magento to join his business development and couldn’t agree more with Matt. When Ryan left Magento in 2015 to come to TaxJar full time, I made sure to keep a pretty close eye on TaxJar. I was obviously in a pretty good situation at Signifyd, but when Ryan called me up earlier this year to check-in and talk about partnerships at TaxJar, I had to listen.

Everything about TaxJar appeals to me. Not just our purpose, but also our core values. Do right by the customer. We’re a team, built on trust. We’re proud to be remote. We’re in control of our own destiny (see TaxJar CEO Mark Faggiano’s recent blog for more detail on our core values). This is not just lip service at TaxJar.  Since joining TaxJar, I’ve seen the entire company live these core values every day. I’ve also learned that there are many other new “Ryan’s” here that I have met and that I would go to battle with.  

And go to battle we shall. Some might scoff at our BHAG when looking at the established players in our competitive landscape. I see truth and opportunity! But this is also why I am here. TaxJar is the fastest growing online sales tax provider, but growing our company from 10k customer to being the #1 online sales tax solution in the world is a difficult proposition to do on our own, using a direct sales model. We need help to get there, and scaling through partnerships is the most proven, effective way to get there.

So now that I’ve spent so much time setting the table, how about we have the meal. Today I am very excited to announce the launch of the new TaxJar Partner Program. Our purpose to make eCommerce easier doesn’t apply just to customers, but to everyone.  Customers, marketplaces, States. And our partners. We will make partnering easier for those companies we work with.  We will keep it simple. We’ll say what we’ll do then do what we say. Most importantly we will be transparent. And if we are not doing these things, then please call us out on it.

Who is the TaxJar Partner Program for?

The program is designed for several different groups of partners:

  • Our integration partners are platforms and software companies that integrate sales tax into their solution.  
  • Solution partners are digital agencies, system integrators, web designers & developers that implement and integrate technology into online stores
  • Tax advisors are CPAs, bookkeepers and others that offer services that help merchants navigate the muddy waters of tax compliance

Which solutions are available?

We’re opening up our entire portfolio of sales tax plans and products, including:

  • TaxJar Basic – get instant access to TaxJar Reporting for multi-channel eCommerce
  • TaxJar Plus – includes Basic Plus everything you need to manage and automate sales tax for your customer’s online business at scale: account management, go-live assistance, dedicated support and more!
  • AutoFile – merchants and developers can choose to automate filings with AutoFile and let TaxJar handle filing

What do partners get out of this?

In exchange for promoting TaxJar to your customers and helping us achieve our BHAG, we offer the following:

  • Exposure to our more than 10k customers. TaxJar is first a technology company that built great tax software, not a tax company that built software. We do not have a professional services division. Our customers need help with their taxes, with implementing and integrating TaxJar into their online store, or just about everything else it takes to run a successful online store that we don’t do.
  • As long as you remain an active partner, TaxJar will pay you revenue share on all revenue from new customers you refer to us.
  • Access to our new partner portal where you will can:
    • Register new leads
    • Create referral links to promote TaxJar on your site, email or social channels
    • Find training content & marketing assets
    • Communicate with us directly via messaging
    • Track your pending rewards and payouts

We’re just getting started with this, so we’ll be adding on here. If something’s missing, please let us know how we can best support you as a partner.

How to get started as a TaxJar Partner

If working with TaxJar sounds good to you, then get started today by signing up online. If you have any questions prior to signing up, feel free to contact us at or book a time on my online calendar to chat.  Become a TaxJar Partner

So I’d just like to close by saying I’m very excited and blessed to be part of the TaxJar family, which extends out to our partner community. I’m excited to help make eCommerce easier for our customers and our partners. That’s why we’re here. I invite you to join us here as well!  

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