The Basics of Intelligent Repricing for Amazon Sellers

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Editor’s note: This guest post was penned by SellerEngine’s Amazon Repricing Experts. SellerEngine it the company that develops a suite of software products and services designed specifically for Amazon sellers. Check out for some of the ways the energetic team can help your online retail business grow.

From just-launched to established and seasoned sellers, all Amazon merchants have one thing in common: they reprice their items. Repricing can be carried out manually or automatically, sporadically or systematically, and it’s up to each and every seller to decide what works best for their business.

At SellerEngine, we’ve always been partial to automated repricing. But not just any kind of automated repricing. We focus on a certain segment we like to call intelligent repricing. We’ve developed and tweaked certain techniques to make it work in practice too, not just in theory. And after years spent perfecting it, we’re proud to say Sellery now has intelligent repricing down to a fine art.

Sellery Amazon Repricing
Intelligent Repricing vs. Automated Repricing

Automated repricing is simple, fast and convenient. It’s a self-sustained alternative that doesn’t need much input from you. But there’s only so much it can do for you. In fact, it can sometimes do more harm than good (think penny listings).

For some, it’s enough. For others, it doesn’t even come close to what they need to keep their competitive edge on Amazon. This is where Intelligent Repricing comes in.

The Basics of Intelligent Repricing

You need an established Amazon account that enables you to use your own experience to:

  • Try various pricing strategies.
  • Visualize and compare past performance.
  • Spot seasonal sales trends and other historical data.
  • Project realistic expectations for future performance.

After all, your own experience will reflect in how you price Christmas decorations in December versus March, products featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things, items you’re charged long-term FBA storage fees on, or items with 0 or 10 competing offers.

You also need software that can:

  • Partition your inventory to enable you to reprice specific products at specific times.
  • Take actual costs into account, so that you never sell at a loss.
  • Adjust prices quickly and accurately.

Sellery ticks all three boxes because it features Smart Lists, which partition your inventory into groups that you can reprice as needed. It also features Dynamic Minimum Price calculations, which use actual COGS, as well as shipping and Amazon fee estimates.

Unlike other automated repricers, Sellery also sets a price floor based on this dynamic minimum price. This literally puts an end to price wars. What’s more, with Sellery, you have countless customized Pricing Rules applicable to any Smart List. *

* Request our free eBook for the most popular Smart Lists and Pricing Rules. Finding the best ones for your business is a process of trial and error, so we recommend that you test as many of them as you can.

But don’t take our word for it. Take the experts’. Critical thinking is a popular concept nowadays, not only in business school, but also in practice. With the right repricing software, you should be able to observe the results of intelligent repricing instantly, and then make adjustments based on them.

Amazon Repricing Software
Tangible Results for Amazon Sellers

Sellery was made for Amazon sellers just like you. Look at the graph below to see how one Sellery user’s sales increased after he started repricing the smart way. Sellery can do the same for you.

Amazon Repricing

Still not sure? Read about Sellery and then sign up with SellerEngine for a 2-week free trial today. Our dedicated Help Team will be with you every step of the way, showing you what Sellery does best. They’ll be standing by to answer your questions and help you get Sellery up and running.

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