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How to File a Tennessee Sales Tax Return

by Jennifer Dunn

File a Tennessee Sales Tax Return TaxJar

Save time filing your Tennessee sales tax return with this step-by-step guide.

What You’ll Need

1) Your TaxJar Tennessee Sales Tax Report

2) Your Tennessee sales and use tax account number

3) Your Tennessee Department of Revenue Username

4) Your Tennessee Department of Revenue Password

5) Your bank account number and routing number or credit card information

How to File a Tennessee Sales Tax Return

Estimated time (with TaxJar): 5-8 minutes

1) Login to TaxJar. If you don’t have a TaxJar account, don’t worry. You can sign up for TaxJar today and we’ll import your transactions from the platforms and shopping carts you sell on (including Amazon, eBay, Paypal, Square, Shopify, and many more). No more compiling clunky sales tax reports from multiple shopping carts and trying to compile them by hand before filling out your Tennessee return.

2) Open your TaxJar Tennessee Sales Tax Report.

Tennessee sales tax report

3) Decide whether to use your Actual Sales Tax Collected Report or Expected Sales Tax Due report.

(Note: In most cases, we recommend using the numbers from your “Actual Sales Tax Collected Report,” but you may want to use your “Expected Sales Tax Due Report” if you were not collecting sales tax and need to report sales tax you should have collected. Read more about Expected and Actual sales tax reports here.)

4) Log In at the Tennessee Department of Revenue with your Username and Password. 

Tennessee Department of Revenue

4) On the next page, click on your Sales Tax ID to file a return. 

5) Indicate whether or not you have any sales to report for this period. (Note: Always file a sales tax return by the state assigned due date, even if you didn’t make any sales in a state over that time period.)

6) Fill out the “Sales” section of your Tennessee sales tax return.

TN Sales Tax Return Online

7) The first line of the return form will ask for your Gross Sales Total, including food sales and rental proceeds. This is the Gross Sales total you see in your TN TaxJar Report.

Tennessee Gross Sales

8) Fill in the other fields, if applicable. Line 10 will ask for your Local Tax Total, and you’ll find this amount in your TN Sales Tax Report under “Sales Subject to Local Tax.”

Tennessee local sales tax

9) After you have finished filling out your gross sales and sales subject to local tax, the form will calculate the total amount due. You can double check this amount against  “Total Sales Tax” on your TaxJar Tennessee state report. Click “Continue” to move forward.

TN Sales Tax report total sales tax due

10) The next page will be a confirmation page. Review to confirm you’ve entered all information correctly and click “Continue” to make your payment. 

11) Choose your payment method. The next page will give you a confirmation number. Note that number down, then choose either to pay your sales tax due via ACH debit or by credit card.

TN sales tax return

12) Enter your bank and routing information (or credit card details if you wish to pay by card), along with the payment date and click “Continue.”

13) The form will ask you to certify that your payment details are correct. Review or edit; then click “Submit Return and Payment.”

14) The next page will provide a confirmation details for your records.

15) You’ll also want to log into TaxJar and record the payment in your Payment History.

You’re done! Have questions or comments? Start the conversation in the comments, or ask your peers and the experts over at

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