NY Sales Tax 101

How to File a Sales Tax Return in New York State

by Lizzy Greenburg

New York Sales Tax

When you think of New York City you usually think of people hustling, bustling and hurrying, right? Well, all that commerce screeches to a grinding halt when an eCommerce seller tries to file a sales tax return in New York State.

New York is a destination-based sales tax state, meaning that sellers must collect sales tax at the rate of their buyer’s location. When it’s time to file a sales tax return, online sellers must tell the state of New York how much they collected in each jurisdiction over the taxable time period. Figuring out these numbers can be an especially huge challenge for multi-channel sellers. More importantly, it’s not worth your valuable time. 

If you’d rather not spend time filing a New York sales tax return ever again, enroll in TaxJar AutoFile and let us handle it. Never worry about missing a due dates or remember your state login and password again! Learn how TaxJar AutoFile can solve your sales tax headaches.

What You’ll Need

In order to file your sales tax return, it’s important to gather a few key documents and pieces of information. 

Every state has specific requirements. Generally, we recommend:

  1. Your TaxJar New York Sales Tax Report
  2. Your New York sales and use tax account number
  3. Your state-assigned filing frequency
  4. Your New York electronic filing login details (ie: Your NY Department of Taxation and Finance of Revenue Username & Password)
  5. Your bank account number and routing number that you’d like to use for sales tax payment

Note: In some states, you’ll need additional verification pieces like a Letter ID (ie: Hawaii), an identification number (ie: Kansas) a limited access code (in California), etc.  Be prepared to take a few extra steps to ensure your account is secure. 

Once you’ve gathered the items above, you’re ready to file your return.

Steps to manually filing a sales tax return in New York

  1. Open your TaxJar Report for New YorkView Sales Tax Report Button TaxJar
  2. Select the Record Filing button at the top of your reportRecord Filing Button TaxJar
  3. Use the links on the top right to locate the state’s filing website or download a paper form
  4. Copy the information from your TaxJar New York Report into the state’s website. View detailed instructions on using TaxJar Reports to file a return including a note on how to file when Marketplace Facilitator Tax collected
  5. Remit payment directly with the state
  6. Record your filing & payment with TaxJar for organized sales tax records and easy-access at a later date

State resources to help you file your return

New York knows that filing a sales tax return can be hard, so they provide resources to business owners to help teach you how to file. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of helpful links, videos and resources to make filing your first sales tax return easier.

New York state information:

How to file a return in New York:

New or first-time filers:

Need more help? 

We get it. Sometimes it just helps to talk to someone. At TaxJar we provide general education, but we’re not CPAs. As much as we’d like to help, we aren’t able to give specific recommendations or advice for your business. However, we’re pleased to connect you with one of our recommended sales tax partners.

We maintain a list of vetted sales tax experts that can help with all things sales tax from registration assistance to general consulting and advice. These partners are familiar with the ins and outs of eCommerce sales tax and are here to help you.

Do you have questions about filing a sales tax return in New York? Start the conversation in the comments

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