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How to File a Virginia Sales Tax Return

by Aisha Ford

File Virginia Sales Tax Return

Save time filing your Virginia sales tax return with this step-by-step guide. Or better yet, have TaxJar AutoFile your Virginia sales tax return. Sign up for AutoFile today!

Note: You can pay sales and use tax returns 3 different ways in Virginia: eForms, Business iFile or Web Upload. We’ll outline the  process for eForms.

What You’ll Need

1) Your TaxJar VA Actual Sales Tax Collected Report

2) Your Virginia sales and use tax account number

3) Your Virginia Department of Taxation Username

4) Your Virginia Department of Taxation Password

5) Your bank account number

6) Your routing number

7) A calculator

How to File a Virginia Sales Tax Return

Estimated time (with TaxJar): 5-10 minutes (Depending on sale volume by jurisdiction)

1) Open your TaxJar Virginia Sales Tax Report.

2) Click the blue “file manually” link at the bottom of your Virginia Report. The next page will show you the main details you’ll need to complete the return form, and also provide a link to file online at the eForms section of the Virginia Department of Taxation website.

3) Select the form you’ll need to file. (ST-9 for VA residents, ST-8 for out of state sellers.)

4) Fill in your Business Information, including your filing frequency and account number.

5) Click on the Schedule ST-8B/ST-8R tab at the top of the page. This form will ask for your Gross Sales and Exempt Sales by municipality. You’ll see the Gross Sales listed by each jurisdiction in your TaxJar Report for VA.

6) Select the jurisdiction from the dropdown menu and enter the Total Sales and Taxed Sales numbers from your Report and click “Add Locality.” If the Taxed Sales totals are less than the Gross Sales totals for a jurisdiction in your TaxJar Report, subtract the Taxed Sales from Gross Sales to determine the amount that was exempt. Continue until you’ve added each jurisdiction listed in your TaxJar Report.

6) When you’ve finished, click the “Back to ST-8 Form” button.

7) Click the “Calculate” button and the form should calculate the amount due. Check to be sure the Gross Sale total in line 1 matches the Gross Sales total in your TaxJar Virginia Sales Tax Report.

8) Click the “Pay Now” button to submit payment. This brings up a box where you’ll need to enter your banking and routing details, along with the Payment Date. Click “Continue.”

9) Review the payment details and once you’ve done this, click “Confirm Payment” to move forward.

10) Next, you’ll be given the opportunity to enter your email address to receive an email confirmation. You’ll also need to enter your name and phone number for your Electronic Signature.  Click “OK” when you’ve finished.

11) The next page will provide confirmation details for your records.

12) You’ll also want to log into TaxJar and record the payment in your Payment History.

You’re done! Have questions or comments? Ask your peers and the experts over at

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