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How to File a New Jersey Sales Tax Return

by Aisha Ford

File Sales Tax in New Jersey

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­­­­­­­­­­­­­ What You’ll Need:

1) Your TaxJar New Jersey Actual Sales Tax Collected Report.

2) Your 9 digit FEIN (No dashes or spaces)

3) Your NJ Sales Tax PIN Number OR your Registered Business Name

4) A calculator (you’ll only need to use this once, we promise!)

5) Your bank account number

6) Your routing number

How to File a New Jersey Sales Tax Return

Estimated time (with TaxJar): 5­-7 minutes

1) Login to New Jersey On-Line Filing and Payment Services

2) Enter your 9 digit FEIN (no spaces or dashes) AND your 4 digit PIN/Business Name and click SUBMIT.

3) Select the Type of return you are filing (Quarterly, monthly, etc.)

4) Select the Month and Year from the Dropdown menu and click SUBMIT.

The form will ask you for the following details:

  • Line 1. Gross Receipts for Quarter (To Nearest Dollar)

Where to find this in your TaxJar Report: This will be your TaxJar Gross Sales Total and round UP to the nearest dollar. (e.g., $743.54 would be $744.)

  • Line 2. Deductions (To Nearest Dollar)

To get this number: Use your calculator (just this once!) to subtract your rounded Taxed Sales Total (Line 1) from your Rounded Gross Sales total (You’ll find this number in Line 3.)

  • Line 3. Balance Subject To Tax (Line 1 minus Line 2)

Where to find this in your TaxJar Report: This will be the “Taxed Sales” total in your TaxJar Report rounded to the nearest dollar

  • ­ Line 4. Sales Tax Due (Greater of amount collected or applicable rate of Line 3.)

Where to find this in your TaxJar Report: This is the number you see under Minimum Sales Tax Due in your NJ Actual Sales Tax Collected Report.)

  • ­ Line 5. Use Tax Due

Enter the amount of Use Tax Due. If you don’t have Use Tax Due, enter $0

  • ­ Line 6. Total Tax Due (Line 4 plus Line 5)

Click “Calculate” to have the form verify how much you’ll owe. ­

  • Line 7. Total Monthly Payments Previously Made (e.g. Month 1 plus Month 2 of this Quarter)

Enter the totals of any previous payments you made against this return during the filing period. If you have not made previous payments, enter $0

5) Now click “SUBMIT” and the form will let you know if any errors are in the form. The state website will calculate the amounts in Lines 8­10:

  • Line 8. Quarterly Amount Due (Line 6 minus Line 7)
  • Line 9. Penalty and Interest
  • Line 10. Adjusted Amount due (Line 8 plus Line 9)

6) If the form doesn’t find errors, click “SUBMIT THIS RETURN.”

7) Next, click “File and Pay”

8) On the next page, enter the required Company Contact Information.

9) This page will prompt you to answer this question: “Will the funds for the payment come from an account outside of the United States?”

10) Then, you’ll need to enter your bank account and routing details, along with the Settlement Date (the date you are filing) of the return. Click SUBMIT.

11) On the next page, verify all details are correct, then click the “yes” button to authorize the state to withdraw the payment from your account. If the return is late, the state will also add penalties and interest.

12) Click “Submit E­Check Transmission and File Return.”

The next page will display Filing Confirmation details you can print and keep for your records.

13) You’ll also want to login to TaxJar and record the payment in your Payment History. You’re done!

Additional Resources:

State Worksheet for sales tax form ST­50 ­

You’re done! Have questions or comments? Ask your peers and the experts over at SalesTaxCommunity.com.
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