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How to File a Maryland Sales Tax Return

by Aisha Ford

File Maryland Sales Tax Return

Save time filing your Maryland sales tax return with this step-by-step guide. Or better yet, have TaxJar AutoFile your Maryland sales tax return. Sign up for AutoFile today!

What You’ll Need:

1) Your TaxJar Maryland Actual Sales Tax Collected Report

2) Your Maryland bFile Logon ID

3) Your Maryland bFile Password

4) Your FEIN

5) Your CRN (Central Registration Number/Maryland Tax Account Number)

6) Your bank account number

7) Your routing number

How to File a Maryland Sales Tax Return

Estimated time (with TaxJar): 5-7 minutes

1) Open your TaxJar Maryland Sales Tax Report

2) Click the blue “file manually” link at the bottom of your Maryland Report. The next page will show you the main details you’ll need to complete the return form, and also provide a link to file online at the Maryland bFile website.

3) Sign in at Maryland bFile with your Logon ID and Password.

4) Click the “File Sales and Use Tax Returns” link.

5) Click “New Sales and Use Tax Return” and click “Next”.

6) Enter your FEIN and CRN and click “Next.”

7) The next page will ask you to select the Period Ending Date and Due Date for the return you need to file and click “Next.”

8) The next page will ask you for your Gross Sales (excluding cents.) You’ll find this in your Maryland TaxJar Report under “Gross Sales.”

9) You’ll also be asked to enter the amount of your sales that were subject to tax. If everything you sell is taxable, this will be the same as your Gross Sales total. If you sold non­-taxable items, the total of your untaxed items is deducted from your Gross Sales total in your TaxJar Report. The amount of sales that were taxed is listed under “Taxed Sales” in your Maryland TaxJar Report.

10) Enter the amount of tax due by calculating the tax percentage of taxable sales by the amount of sales subject to tax. If your tax setup was correct for the entire period, this will be the amount you see in your TaxJar Report under “Local + State Taxes.”

11) Complete the other fields on this page of the form (if applicable) and click “Next.” Click the “Help” button next to each field for additional instructions.

12) Complete the fields on this page of the form (if applicable) and click “Next.”

13) Complete the fields on this page and the bottom of the form will calculate your total amount due. Click “Next.”

14) The next page will ask for your bank and routing information. Enter this and click “Next.”

15) The next page will show you a summary of the form, along with your banking information.

16) Click the “Confirm Submit” button to confirm the form and the payment from your bank account.

17) The next page will provide a confirmation number for your records.

18) You’ll also want to log into TaxJar and record the payment in your Payment History. You’re done!

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