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How to File a Louisiana Sales Tax Return

by Aisha Ford

File Sales Tax Louisiana TaxJar

Save time filing your Louisiaana sales tax return with this step-by-step guide!

What You’ll Need

1) Your TaxJar LA Actual Sales Tax Collected Report

2) Your LATAP username

3) Your LATAP password

4) Your business’s NAICS code

5) Your FEIN

6) Your bank account number

7) Your routing number

How to File a Louisiana Sales Tax Return

Estimated time (with TaxJar): 3-5 minutes

1) Open your TaxJar Louisiana Sales Tax Report.

2) Click the blue “file manually” link at the bottom of your Louisiana TaxJar Report. The next page will show you the main details you’ll need to complete the return form, and also provide a link to file online at the Louisiana TAP website.

3) Login at LATAP using your username and password.

4) Under the “Periods” tab, click on the “File Now” link that corresponds with the filing period that you need to submit.

5) The website will ask you if your business leases or rents motor vehicles to others. Select the applicable option.

6) Line 1 will ask for your “Gross sales of tangible personal property.” This is the Gross Sales total you see in your LA TaxJar Sales Tax Report. After you enter this amount, the form will calculate the total owed.

7) Click the “Submit” button at the top of the page. The form will prompt you to enter your LATAP password again as a signature for the return.

8) The form will provide a confirmation number and a quote for the total amount due. At this point you can either download a voucher to mail in with a check or click “OK” to add this return to your “Pending” returns.

9) To pay the return online, click the blue “Pay” link next to the date for the Pending return.

10) Enter your account and routing number, along with the amount owed and click “Submit.” You’ll be asked to enter your LATAP password as a signature again.

11) Click “OK” and you’ll see confirmation details for the return.

12) You’ll also want to log into TaxJar and record the payment in your Payment History.

You’re done! Have questions or comments? Ask your peers and the experts over at

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