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The Future of TaxJar for Customers

by Mark Faggiano

TaxJar & Insight Venture Partners

Today we’re doing something different on the Sales Tax Blog. We’re pulling back the curtain to tell you about something that we’re extremely excited about and why it matters to you as our current or future customer.

We’re thrilled to announce today that we’ve closed a $60M round of funding with Insight Venture Partners. Join us on our culture blog, Life at TaxJar to learn about our recent investment and why we made this decision.

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If you’ve only got a minute, here are the takeaways for you, our current or future TaxJar customer

As we’ve talked about in previous posts, we’re fanatical about our customers. When we decided to take on an investment, we certainly thought through the impact this will have on the more than 16,000 businesses who use  TaxJar today and the 100s of thousands that will be using us moving forward.

Insight’s proven record in SaaS and eCommerce (with investments in companies like Shopify, Automattic, Chargebee, and more) combined with the resources that they offer their portfolio companies (called Onsite), allows us to learn quicker and move faster on tackling the challenges ahead.

To put it simply, we can now do more. Faster. For you.

TaxJar can continue to invest in improving the customer experience and even the ways that you interact with TaxJar before you become a customer. We can deliver more education to those just starting out with sales tax compliance. We can provide more tools to help eCommerce merchants make confident decisions so they can get back to focusing on their business. We’ll craft the right content that helps you run your business smoothly, and we’ll continue to always be the best resource in sales tax, period.

Our product will only get better. We can accommodate the increasing complexity of economic nexus and constantly-changing laws faster. We can double-down on what’s already the most fanatical customer support team in our industry. And our team of mind-boggling developers will continue to push the limits on automation and scale.

We’ll be able to support more complex businesses as we expand our TaxJar Plus service so that mid-market and large companies can choose TaxJar to handle their sales tax. We know what we need to do in order to solve bigger and messier sales tax problems, and now we’ll be able to do that sooner than we thought possible.

Along with this growth, we aim to improve TaxJar for all customers of any size. We built our business providing affordable sales tax automation for SMBs and that’s not changing anytime soon. From education, to support, to the basics of how TaxJar works for you, we’re always focused on improving TaxJar for everyone.  That is our promise.

Our customers will continue to be supported by the best team. We’ll hire even more employees who are dedicated to our amazing customers and who can contribute to our mission. Our 100% remote model means we’re not limited by the talent available in a single geographic location, instead, future employees of TaxJar are all over this country (and perhaps the world). We’re not concerned with where they live or how they get their work done. All we care about is they do their very best work for our customers and be the type of people the rest of the team gets excited to work with every day.

Our business and the sales tax world is constantly changing, and we’re thrilled to take on this investment to further establish TaxJar as a leader in our space.  

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