Free Sales Tax Calculation for Magento Stores is Here

by Mark Faggiano

Magento sales tax

Today we’re announcing that TaxJar SmartCalcs sales tax calculations are now free for Magento merchants, as part of our Premier Partnership with Magento. At TaxJar, we’re making it easier than ever for you to accurately collect sales tax from your online buyers through your Magento store.

Free calculations through TaxJar SmartCalcs are available for both M1 and M2 users.

To take advantage of free TaxJar SmartCalcs sales tax calculation for Magento:

Why Use Free TaxJar SmartCalcs Sales Tax Calculations in your Magento Store?

We get that “free” is a great motivator, but we think there are even better reasons to use SmartCalcs in your Magento store.

  • Accurate sales tax calculation – Accurate sales tax rates & calculations at the state, county city and special taxing district level. No more fussing with rate tables or chasing down tax changes. You charge the customer the right amount, every time.
  • Handle sales tax in multiple states – If you are required to collect sales tax in more than one state, we ensure you collect based on each state’s individual rules.
  • International sales tax collection – Not only does SmartCalcs handle sales tax calculations in the U.S., we cover the EU countries, Canada and Australia, too!
  • Backup Rates Mean We Never Break your Checkout– In the extremely unlikely event that TaxJar should be unavailable to calculate sales tax rates in real time, we provide backup sales tax rates so you’re never caught unable to calculate and charge sales tax. You can always check TaxJar’s status page
  • Product taxability – Sell products with unique taxing rules like clothing, digital downloads or groceries? TaxJar SmartCalcs makes it simple to collect the right amount of sales tax on every product, no matter how each state’s rules vary. See the list of products we cover here.
  • Shipping taxability – Some states require you to charge sales tax on shipping. Some don’t. You never have to figure this out on your own again. TaxJar SmartCalcs has you covered.
  • Simple installation – Unless you have a hugely complex online store, the TaxJar SmartCalcs Magento extensions generally takes 10 minutes or less to set up. When’s the last time a sales tax task only took you such a short time?

Report and File Sales Tax with TaxJar

Collecting the right amount of sales tax is just the beginning. After that, you are required to report how much you’ve collected from every jurisdiction in every state, and then file your sales tax returns.

TaxJar Reports makes this simple. TaxJar Reports connects with all of your online carts and marketplaces (not just Magento!), reports how much sales tax you collected from all of your customers, and presents you with filing-ready reports for each U.S. state.

Virginia state sales tax TaxJar

TaxJar Reports starts at just $19/month based on number of transactions, and has no setup fees or contracts.

For true end-to-end sales tax compliance, you can also have TaxJar AutoFile automatically file your sales tax returns for you for an additional fee per filing.

Just Give Me Free Calcs!

And if you just want free SmartCalcs sales tax calculations without using TaxJar Reports, no worries – SmartCalcs is always totally free for Magento users as part of our Magento Premier Partnership.

For much more about the TaxJar API, check out our documentation and an interactive TaxJar API demo.

Get free Magento sales tax calculations today!

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Download the TaxJar API for M2 (documentation)

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